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Okay, easy Hot Topic.

++ We have a new trailer for The Expanse's fourth season, which I'm assuming is going to be the last trailer before it premieres in the 13th of December. This features a whole lot more scenes and dialogue to get us hyped, and it just looks so good. It also seems that they're also using the music, which was an original arrangement from the main theme of the show, from the fanvid that was used to help spread word about The Expanse having been saved. I'm hoping that they got permission to use said arrangement, because I think it's super cool that it was used in promotion for the upcoming fourth season. It's like it all comes full circle, and I love it.

++ Marvel's Runaways also released another trailer featuring more about the upcoming third season, including more with the crossover with Cloak & Dagger. It makes me incredibly excited. December 13th is going to be quite a day for both The Expanse and Runaways.

But it seems that the third season will be their final season, as many cast members are now saying their goodbyes. I think they had to do this with the leadership shakeup for Marvel television and pretty much every single Marvel show on is going away outside of Disney+. Honestly? I think it's bullshit. This also gives us no hope that Cloak & Dagger will be saved, and with the possibility of the Ghost Rider television series never happening due to "creative differences", it makes me so angry. These were all good shows, they had critics and audiences praises them, and yet with the whole Disney+ and streaming wars being greedy capitalist fucks it has ruined any opportunity for these shows to continue thriving. Hulu is owned by Disney, it would have been perfect for Runaways to continue and for Cloak & Dagger to be saved, or even have Tandy and Tyrone be permanent members of their group. Just, ugh. I'm so pissed off, because you know that this wasn't part of their plan had this shakeup not happened or if the streaming wars weren't a huge issue. I'm just hoping that they'll wrap things up without any massive cliffhangers, and leave the possibility of them coming back if they get the opportunity.
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