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I put my middle finger up at them.

++ Sarah Z has uploaded a new video discussing the ever so infamous My Immortal phenomenon, essentially just examining the wild history of this iconic bad fanfiction from the early 00s and why people are fascinated with it and trying to figure out the identity of the person(s) who might have written it. I, myself, find this whole thing fascinating in the sense that it has generated quite a cult following all these years later, I mean it's pretty impressive that it has become popular and well-known by so many after all this time to the point of people making artwork, memes, and dramatic readings for it, and it's become kind of a monumental stable of fandom lore at this point. But I never had an obsession of figuring out who actually wrote it. It never even crossed my mind, to be honest. In my opinion, I think it's best to not know the answer to this, since some things are just better off left as a mystery, to be a time capsule of a particular time and era.

++ The trailer for Doctor Who's new season looks pretty damn awesome. I know many were concerned about the prolonged hiatus, but I think it'll be just fine.

++ I don't have Disney+ and have had no interest in most of their new shows to be featured on there, however, seeing the gifs and everything involving with The Mandalorian, just the very concept of it hits all of those buttons for me that I didn't realize that I wanted it. I mean, I am rather burnt out by Star Wars at this point (since Disney now owns it they'll be milking the franchise dry), but there's just something about the idea of a space cowboy bounty hunter who basically becomes the pseudo-adoptive parent to the target which he was supposed to bring in/terminate. Is it somewhat emotionally manipulative? No doubt about it, but damn if I can't enjoy the cuteness from afar okay.
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