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We've got unfinished business.

++ We have the trailer for Wonder Woman: 1984, which looks quite interesting. I really enjoyed the first movie, and I hope that this sequel will be just as good.

++ Along the same lines, we got our first look at Black Widow with the teaser trailer released. I'll be honest, I'm mostly here for Florence Pugh. She's been having quite a good year, getting all of that exposure with plenty of projects being released, which she deserves because she's incredibly talented. Also, having Rachel Weisz and David Harbour is good casting, as well. Overall, it's a decent trailer. I wasn't sure that I was going to be into it because my interest in a Black Widow solo movie dwindled over the years, and I'm not exactly that huge with the MCU as many others seem to be so that was definitely a part of it for sure. But I'll admit, this was a pretty good and well put together teaser. And to be honest, even though it was far too prolonged for my liking, I think in context of the events that occurred in the recent movies it works because this isn't so much of an origin story as it is her dealing with unfinished business, which should be interesting.

++ Meanwhile, the full trailer for Mulan was released, giving us more footage which includes the introduction of Gong Li's character. I know a lot of people are still harping over the fact that there are missing elements from the animated movie, but I'll reiterate what I've said before, deviation can be a good thing, we've seen it in a few of the live-action remakes they've done and it's worked well for the direction they were taking the story. They clearly have a different vision of what tone and mood this movie is to convey, at least based on how the trailers present it, so I'm deeply curious about how it'll all come together in the final product.
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