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++ One of the many things that upsets me with Marvel television ending thanks to the leadership change is that we'll never actually get the epic crossovers between shows, similar to what the DCTV is doing with Crisis on Infinite Earths. While we may have had the Netflix Marvel shows crossing over with The Defenders and now with Tandy and Tyrone from Cloak & Dagger crossing over with Runaways, it's not really the same as having nearly every single Marvel-based show interacting with each other in same way or another, including crossing over networks and streaming services to be able to do these crossovers. I mean, there's been little mentions of characters and events happening in the same universe (not just referencing the MCU), and even a brief comment in passing about the possibility of the multiverse, but that's about it. It's just a shame that we'll never get any of that, and it makes me even more bitter about this whole thing.

++ Apparently Orlando Jones was fired from American Gods because the new showrunner (the fourth one to be hired, I think?), who is white, doesn't like how "aggressive" his character is, who is black. So basically, it's Sleepy Hollow all over again. Seriously, the show has literally gone severely downhill after the first season, essentially after TPTB foolishly fired Bryan Fuller and Co. along with losing other actors as well in that process, and have tried to do damage control to keep it afloat but failing miserably. I actually barely seen anyone talk about the show anymore, which is a bad sign. It's just a shame because American Gods could have been something fantastic, since the first season was phenomenal and beautiful and held so much potential. But sadly, with so much executive meddling, production issues, and showrunners being replaced every five minutes, I'd be surprised if the show doesn't get cancelled after this. Huge mess all around.
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