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That makes us mighty.

++ Oscar Isaac giving absolutely no fucks and calling out Disney/Star Wars for being homophobic cowards is something I deeply appreciate. I understand actors wanting to keep their mouths shut about things in fear of getting blacklisted, but we do need more of them to come out of the woodwork and call out the industry for this kind of shit. The more pushback, the more likely someone will listen.

With that being said, unfortunately Hollywood is still not LGBT friendly. Most mainstream movies are not, this is especially true for huge franchises. They'll promise and claim there will be an LGBT character revealed only for it to be an elaborate queerbaiting marketing scheme to get money. Some directors are genuine about it, of course, and we also appreciate their honest efforts, but the higher ups are ultimately the ones in charge and who make the calls. It's been clear for a long time now that Hollywood movies are far behind when it comes to any representation of marginalized groups. Sure, there will be that groundbreaking one every once in a while, but for every step forward there are many steps backwards, so nothing is really progressing at all. Other forms of media, however, while not entirely perfect and still have issues of their own, have pushed through those boundaries and are far better with having representation in their stories. Hollywood needs to collectively get their act together and stop living in their outdated version of how movies should be. They won't, of course, but this is why I'm hoping that more actors, directors, people behind the scenes, will push back hard enough that something will change from within.

++ Apparently FOX is open to the idea of a Firefly revival. There's been talk about reviving the series for years now, and I still stand by my opinion that, as much as I loved the series, it needs to be left alone. With that being said, I do agree that the only way it could work is if it's a limited series. A limited series on a streaming service the either focuses on a new crew with cameos from the original cast, or having the old crew who separated from Serenity come back together after all these years for one last hurrah. Ideally, that would be fantastic. I doubt it will happen, though.
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