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++ Apparently SaveHannibal was trending (again) on Twitter the other day because it seems that CBS has picked up the Silence of the Lambs spin-off with Clarice. It's just very odd when it comes to rights over characters, because Bryan Fuller wasn't given permission to use Clarice in Hannibal, and it seems this spin-off isn't going to even have Hannibal Lector in it at all. Either way, this was a great time to be reminded just how amazing Hannibal was, how NBC were cowards and fools for cancelling it after three seasons, how homoerotic Will/Hannibal was, how grotesquely beautiful and deliciously fucked up the show was as a whole. I miss it.

++ They released bloopers from The Expanse fourth season, and I just love this cast so much. I not only love them and this show, I also love how much they love working on this show. ❤

++ I just recently watched a video essay talking about M*A*S*H*, specifically discussing its important influence, how it was both a product of its time as well as being ahead of its time, and how it's relevance is still felt to this day. It's an hour long video so it's something you'd need time to sit down and watch, but I adored how the person put it together, talking about specific episodes and moments and messages/themes present throughout its run, and why even the the show it its issues and problems it actually grew up and attempted to rectify the things they represented, not perfectly but the effort was there nonetheless. I didn't watch M*A*S*H* until much later in life, but it's a show that is still incredibly relevant that I feel most would appreciate it.
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