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Weekend Recap

Saturday (December 3rd) -- Because of my loffly sister going to work, I had called my father during the afternoon to arrange a belated Thanksgiving dinner at a local Japanese resturaunt we usually visit. This outing is a make-up for not spending Thanksgiving with him due to other family plans with my mother. Spur of the moment, he'd agreed to this arrangement and we had a splendid evening. I asked questions about his life as he did with me, we shared a nice civil conversation and I quite liked that. The resturaunt was very lovely, all decorative with stringed Christmas lights all around, playing catchy Christmas tunes. I was smiling and giddy the entire time. Also, miso! Definitely a good thing since it's getting colder and colder every night.

Sunday (December 4th) -- Just another lounging Sunday. Though I had quite an adventure in the bathroom. I was getting ready to take a nice hot shower when -- DUN-DUN, DUN! -- Land Of The Creepifying Zombified!Ants ensue! Them gorram buggers just cannot understand the concept that the freaking shower is NOT a feeding ground! Grrr....the downside to the winter season is the pesky critters wanting a warm enviornment from the enviornment conditions, and what better way than to annoy the humans inside the home, eh? Anyway, they're not completely destroyed -- though I was able to take my shower in peace (thank goodness for that, too). I just don't like ants, with them invading the shower, and the bathroom walls, and the floor, and just....*shivers*

Monday (Today, December 5th) -- Went to college class, took notes to study for the final Friday (finally, yay!). Cleaned up the house, both from junk and them pesky ants, to get ready for Christmas decorating! Whee!!

Tomorrow (December 6th) -- Probably going to see RENT in theaters then, afterwards, Christmas shopping!!! Then my women's history class in the late afternoon.
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