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Just saw Kill Bill, and my review is: what a kickass movie! Quentin Tarantino is a film-making genius, and I am so looking forward to see Kill Bill, Vol. 2 next year.

However, a warning to those who are wanting to see the film, it is filled with buckets of blood and gruesome scenes that may not be suitable for weak stomachs. It's very graphic, beheading, shocking and brutal violence. But despite these things, it does have hilarious moments and lots of action along with the blood and gore that sums up to an excellent film. Indeed, my mother didn't have the nerves to see it - because she's not too keen on gore-filled movies, so I had to bribe my father to take me. He, eventually, gave into it and went with me this morning to see the film. Though everyone in my family knows that I enjoy these kinds of movies, either bloody and gore-filled action-thrillers or horror/slasher flicks. But the genre of this movie was neither total action or total horror - it was a thriller of the action-drama type. It's hard to describe, but however anyone wants to define the movie, I still say it was one of the best movies I've seen all year long.

Kill Bill isn't like any other movie I've seen - it is told in chapters, narrated by Uma Thurman throughout, telling the audience what needs to be told about her fellow assassins, and so-on from there. I have to say, it's quite a unique film, and I am anxiously looking forward for the next part of this amazing movie.

My father said what he always says after I movie I drag him off to see. "It was very gruesome," he would say, especially after this movie.

Well, no fucking shit. That's the only reason why I asked my father to come with me to see the movie, besides....I'm the only child that can tolerate seeing these kinds of films without throwing up or covering my eyes over the beheading and gutting throughout the entire movie. The movie critics even said that Kill Bill was the most gruesome movies that was ever made in America, and I have to agree to that. Sure, in scary thrillers of course there's going to be blood and guts, but in an action movie that looks entertaining in previews, no one would ever expect it to be that bloody.

But I do not regret seeing it at all. I had fun, it was entertaining and I really do want to see it again. Uma Thurman did an outstanding job in this film, an excellent storyline and plot, the director, Quentin Tarantino, is a goddamn fucking genius, there is no way that any other movie could compare to this one.

That is all for the time being. I will be back to give my entire review of the movie as soon as possible. Adios.
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