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Awards and Marvel.

++ Aubrey Plaza was the host again for the Film Independent Spirit Awards, and her opening monologue was fantastic. I mean, everything about her is fantastic regardless, but I love her hosting ability. She proves to be entertaining and hilarious even when it's out of her comfort zone. I would say the second most entertaining aspect of this event was the Gay Man's Choir segment, which was absolutely hilarious and so perfect.

++ The Oscars was a thing that happened, and I don't care much for it except for learning that Parasite swept the awards and Taika Waititi winning, both making history. So happy for both.

++ If there's ever an article that describes my feelings about the death of Marvel television, it is this one right here. It highlights the precise reasons why I feel so bitter and devastated and angry by all of it, and I'm glad that the sentiment is shared by others and that there are actually articles being written about how much of a travesty it is. Basically, what made Marvel television so important and worthwhile was that it actually took creative risks, it wasn't afraid to do something different and challenging and to push the envelope a little bit. From tackling difficult and serious subject matters to having inclusion of varying degrees, Marvel television was able to do this spanning across many different networks and services. The MCU has never been that, mostly because the film industry is not that forward-thinking. Even now with the planned MCU-based shows, while it's too early to judge, it's still underneath Disney which is very controlling and very strict with maintaining its "family friendly" content for its streaming service by playing it safe.

The reason I loved Marvel television was because it wasn't the MCU. It existed in the same universe, but it did its own thing, had its own stories to explore and to go in a direction that wasn't entirely beholden to the MCU/Disney formula. Now that is gone in favor of the corporate franchise machine, and it fucking blows. It didn't even have to be like this, we could've had the best of both worlds with Marvel shows on Hulu while MCU shows on Disney+. But nope, couldn't have that.

(I know I'm a broken record at this point, but it's something I don't think I'll ever get over. It all started when Netflix cancelled their Marvel lineup and it just spiraled from there.)
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