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Fandom Snowflake Challenge: Day 8

Day Eight: Rec at least three fanworks that you didn’t create. You could rec your all-time favorites, your most recent finds, or maybe even create a themed rec list.


I Gave You All (A Tribute To Fiona Gallagher) by MaraSophita
Character / Fandom: Fiona Gallagher, Shameless (US)
Personal Commentary: I really love this fanvid because it's a tribute to the character of Fiona from the US version of Shameless, who basically had her exit from the show after nine seasons. And here, the vidder did an excellent job with showing the emotional parts of her character, everything she had done for her family, for her siblings, her struggles and reluctance in later seasons about possibly living her own life instead of remaining there to be their caregiver, and ultimately her final decision to leave for good. The song choice, "I Gave You All" by Mumford & Sons, is perfect and I liked how it fit perfectly for the scene transitions and the choices dialogue throughout, and the crescendo towards the end with her different scenes of her running, symbolizing her leaving and her desire to get out, be free.

Awaken || Daisy Johnson by TrinityStudios
Character / Fandom: Daisy Johnson, Agents of SHIELD
Personal Commentary: This fanvid focuses on the awakening of Daisy's powers, the initial reluctance she had and how frightened she was of her abilities, of the change that was forced upon her, before finally accepting herself, as an Inhuman, and using her powers for good to help and protect others. I love the song choice as it fits perfectly for her character, the way it shows her growth and development throughout the seasons, the editing matches the music and it's one of my favorite fanvids of Daisy since I discovered it some while ago.

The Mandalorian and 'Baby Yoda' || A Clan Of Two by Cantrous
Character / Fandom: Din Djarin and "The Child", The Mandalorian
Personal Commentary: There are a lot of good The Mandalorian fanvids out there, especially ones that really showcase the growing bond between Din and the baby, and this was one of the ones that I came across that I wanted to share.

The Mandalorian (except it's a comedy) Fan Trailer by Ken Macrae
Character / Fandom: The Mandalorian
Personal Commentary: This is just a little bonus video because I just discovered it and it's absolutely glorious. There's been tons of remade trailers for The Mandalorian, from doing the old spaghetti western styles to doing if the show was made in the 80s, but this one got to me because, honestly, it works so well considering the humor and lighter moments of the season and how it captures those moments perfectly in the style and concept of this video. Editing, it's everything, and this is just really damn good.
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