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Angry gets shit done.

++ It seems that more controversy is being released in regards to the behind-the-scenes drama of American Gods as Orlando Jones has released messages that Ricky Whittle sent him after his firing. This was honestly disappointing to learn, especially since Ricky himself was bullied and mistreated by the showrunner of The 100, and to pull this is kind of hypocritical of him in my opinion. Furthermore, I would've thought that the cast would've been in solidarity considering all the fucked up nonsense that has been happening, since they're all caught in the middle with having to carry the show on their backs from incompetent execs and the constant revolving door of showrunners. It's honestly really sad how messy this show turned out to be. Not that I bothered watching after S1, but nobody is really talking about the show as they are about the drama that happens behind closed doors. All I can think about is how epic this show could've been.

++ And it looks like The Magicians got cancelled. I never watched the show, it just wasn't my thing, however considering the massive fandom outrage over what happened during the previous season finale with fans vowing to boycott the show, I can't say I'm surprised that the ratings got so bad.

++ On a lighter note, Harrison Ford playing with puppies while answering questions has been a long time coming, but it's definitely worth it. So adorable, and so chill too. This was mostly for promoting The Call of the Wild, but I just found out that Cara Gee is also in this film! :D ❤
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