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Common love isn't for us, we created something phenomenal....

++ I know that with everything happening right now and the uncertainty of what's going to happen, with schools and businesses closing for the time being and everyone being advised to hunker down until everything gets settled, that people are understandably concerned and worried about what's going to happen. I know it feels like some kind of post-apocalyptic dystopian situation right now. I do think the way media is reporting on these things isn't helping matters especially towards those who are hoarding everything under the sun like it's the end of days, however that doesn't mean we shouldn't be taking this seriously. Just take the necessary precautions: stay at home if you're able to, wash your hands thoroughly, have sanitizer on hand as well, keep informed the best you can without worrying too much or overthinking, and stay safe to keep others safe.

++ For more uplifting news, a second person has been cured of HIV. Very good news, indeed.

++ I have been obsessed with Dua Lipa lately. First with her releases of "Physical" (the song, the music video, and the alternate work-out video for it), and then the "sitcom" she did for Vogue. Now, I've really liked Dua's music before but I never quite followed her, much like with any artist I like I don't intensely follow them until they put something out, so hearing that people used to make fun of her dancing style and were heavily critical of her on stage performances was a bit of a surprise. But what I like is that it appears that she took the criticism she was given previously to heart and actually bettered herself to make her upcoming sophomore album the best it can be, including improving her dancing, which you can see during the "Don't Start Now" live performance she did. She's not doing anything too difficult, it's simple but there's synchronicity and rhythm to it which makes it work. Plus, overall I like the modern 80s/90s feel of her releases so far.

++ I previously mentioned that I had sporadically rewatched some episodes of Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, and upon this I was doing some random searching around and I found out that they had released audiobooks (on cassette tapes) called Tales from the Midnight Society, they were limited editions and only available if you won a contest. Someone has placed them all on YouTube (tape one, tape two, and tape three), and it's really interesting listening to them because it is the cast, at least three of them, actually telling stories as you would hear them sitting around a campfire. It plays kind of like a radio play, there are sound effects and such, but it's them narrating the story instead of us seeing it enacted by different actors like on the show. So that was very cool. Another difference is that these are more short stories that don't really follow the regular format of what you see in the actual show. It's just so fascinating because I know there were AYAOTD books released (I owned at least one, perhaps two), but I never knew about the audiobooks and I'm glad to have finally been able to listen to them.
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