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Something to just make y'all smile.

Just thought that this might cheer some people up, or at least entertain you as it entertained me when I first witnessed this. Matt Mercer and Marisha Ray (of Critical Role) were having a livestream Q&A last night, pretty much making due with being away from their studio during self-quarantine, and apparently there was some...mishaps and shenanigans that occurred featuring a fireplace.

There were some other fan edits to this moment, but I really liked this one for the editing and music alone.

I just want to note that Marisha once fractured a rib when she sneezed during an episode of the show and Matt ended up accidentally locking himself in a bathroom of the medical facility he took her to, all of that happened in the same day. So yeah, this is entirely on brand for them. Glad that they're okay though and that nothing catastrophic happened, but it was still entertaining to watch nonetheless. Also, Marisha is basically me when trying to figure out how things work and being befuddled and tickled by the ridiculousness of a situation and I'm glad that they were able to make fun of themselves with the soot bit.

Anyway, just wanted to share this because it made me laugh, but also because I love these people and they never fail to make me smile even when absurd moments happen.
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