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The best escapism is fiction.

++ Since most are staying inside and quarantining themselves until further notice, I figured it's time to once again recommend Critical Role for those who are looking for a distraction from boredom. Campagin 1 (115 episodes, over 500 hours) and Campaign 2 (99 episodes so far, over at least 400 hours). I know some have been curious about the show but were too intimidated by the sheer number of episodes and the hours they would have to dedicate themselves to start watching, but now you finally have the chance to! The episodes are also available in podcast form, as well.

++ Watching the full fireside chat with Matt and Marisha was a delight, the fireplace fiasco aside (which is amazing that it was basically the first half hour into the stream). It reminded me a lot of their Periscope chats they used to do some years ago, just them hanging out in their own home.

++ Dua Lipa's sophomore album, Future Nostalgia, is out now (earlier than expected because someone ended up leaking the album so she had no choice but to release it), and honestly? The entire album is such a bop. My favorite tracks are "Physical", "Break My Heart", "Cool", "Levitating", "Hallucinate", and "Boys Will Be Boys". But really, the whole album is so good, and that's not an easy thing to do because most times even with artists you love a lot of the time their albums can be a hit or miss, with only a few good songs. But this one? Bops from start to finish. A+, 10/10.

++ I'm very nearly finished with Dune by Frank Herbert, and I can understand why this has been considered a science fiction classic. It's very unique with its world-building. I was always vaguely aware of what it was all about, having seeing bits and pieces of the 1984 movie and read the quick details through wiki articles, however actually reading the book I clearly understand what the story is about. I plan on watching the 1984 movie in full after completing the remaining pages in the book and do a comparison between the two, and possibly even the miniseries, and I do plan on reading the next book in the franchise (Dune Messiah and Children of Dune for sure). I also know that there is a new movie adaptation that is supposed to come out soon (originally to be released later this year, but with the current state of things it might be pushed back to a later date), and the majority of the casting is absolute perfection, the only one I disagree with is for Paul, partly because I'm not really a fan of that particular actor, though mostly because I cannot see anyone but Kyle MacLachlan as Paul Atreides, but that's just me.
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