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VMars: Importance of Ratings and Fan Support

If you're a fan of Veronica Mars, or have just started to experience this fantabulous UPN show, please take this survey immediately.

This isn't just some random online survey, this is the network marketing researching method placed by Nielsen Media Research to see how many viewers out there in the world are actually watching the series. Basically, networks are becoming less dependent on the Nielsen families for ratings, so these online surveys are to see whether or not there's inaccuracy of the ratings of the Nielsen family folks. In other words, this is extremely important for the Veronica Mars fandom to prevent cancellation because of faulty ratings.

So, VMars fans, please take this survey. It only takes less than a minute. Help to prevent VMars from becoming another show threatened by cancellation (which I doubt it will, but with networks today nothing's impossible). Thank you for your time, and on with your daily LJing routines.
Tags: activism, fandom, veronica mars
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