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"I thought you were a myth." "Well, you were Myth-taken!"

++ Tumblr just forced a new dashboard beta layout on everyone just now, and aside from being absolutely ugly it's barely functional. Endless scrolling should never be a thing, I can't find anything anymore and it slows everything down. :( I'm hoping that they sort things out and actually allow people to opt out because otherwise it's totally unusable. Ugh.

ETA: I just found out that Tumblr is doing a survey about the beta dashboard, where you can give your answers on how you feel about it. Which is actually the first time I've seen them do this, so that's something. So if you're on Tumblr please do fill this out, or if you know someone who uses Tumblr send this to them so they can do the same. It was linked in the staff post, but most don't read those anyway so it's good to at least get this out there for those who missed it. I don't know if anything will come out of it, but I'm hoping this will at least give us the option to opt out.

ETA 2: Apparently you need Xkit installed to get the option to revert to the old dashboard settings. Also, the survey has added an section at the end where you can actually write additional comments which wasn't there previously.

++ Anyway, here is a BTVS meme taken from itsnotmymind:

What is your favourite season for Buffy's character?
It's between season two and season five. I definitely think the second season was such a game-changer for the show overall, but certainly for Buffy's character. She started off the season with bringing in her PTSD from her encounter with The Master and after having been dead and brought back to life, and the season ended with her traumatic experience with Angel turning into Angelus and having to deal with that aftermath in the end. It was just a rough season for Buffy, but it added a lot of growth for her, especially in comparison to her in the first season. And the fifth season really added to that with the life-changes, with the revelation about Dawn (and feeling protective of her) to the death of her mother, to understanding her purpose and what she needed to do to save the world. Buffy's arc in the fifth season was struggling a lot with the transition into adulthood.

What is your favourite season for Willow's character?
Eh, it's hard to really say. Definitely earlier seasons than later seasons, for sure, because I ended up severely disliking her towards the end of the show.

What is your favourite season for Xander's character?
None, to be brutally honest.

What is your favourite season for Giles' character?
Season three, most definitely. And I say that specifically for the episode of "Helpless" because it showed his humanity and how protective he is with Buffy. He might've been fired from being her Watcher, but he remained there to watch over her nonetheless. We'd seen Giles acting this kind of paternal role before, this season truly demonstrated it full force with that episode and we see it continuing throughout the series.

What is your favourite episode from each season of the show?

Season One: "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind"
Season Two: "Surprise"/"Innocence"
Season Three: "Bad Girls"
Season Four: "Hush"
Season Five: "Family"
Season Six: "Once More, With Feeling"
Season Seven: "Chosen"

What is your favourite Scooby season?
Season three, because I liked that it included everyone, not just Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles, but also Oz and Cordelia and Angel, and even Wesley towards the end. Because although they weren't a central part of the Scooby Gang, they still were a part of it even if briefly. And they all contributed to the final fight, and I liked that. It made me wish that the Scooby Gang did extend more members aside from just the main four.

What is your favourite Bangel season?
Oh, definitely the second season. It's possibly the best season for Buffy/Angel, the sweet moments and the heartbreaking ones, the angst that occurs when Angel turns into Angelus and then in the finale where Buffy sends him to Hell the moment where he gets his soul back? All of the emotions, I tell you. The second season was one hell of a ride for Buffy/Angel and nothing else could ever compare.

What is your favourite Ruffy season?
That's a horrible ship name. And none, because I disliked Riley and Riley/Buffy.

What is your favourite Spuffy season?

What is your favourite Faith episode?

Who is your favourite Big Bad?
Oh, this is honestly tough. I really loved The Mayor and Glory, because they were just fun villains and were unassuming but still quite threatening when they needed to be, and I did love how Glory was a game-changer in terms of a Big Bad essentially being a god, adding the obstacle of how do you even defeat a god from another dimension. But I actually have to go with Angelus, because this was such a personal battle for Buffy to defeat, very emotional, and Angelus was incredibly threatening and dangerous and it added so many layers to the already complicated situation.

What character do you feel is most underrated?
Dawn Summers. Mostly because she gets such an unfair amount of hate for absolutely no reason. She doesn't have to be your favorite and you don't have to like her, but the bashing of her character that has happened throughout the years still baffle me.

What is your favourite "comedy" episode?
The season three episode "Band Candy", because seeing Giles reverted to his younger punk self was such a delight, and seeing the adults acting ridiculous was a riot.

What is your favourite version of the opening credits?
Season three, though I'm biased because it's my favorite season.

What is your favourite flashback?
The flashbacks in "Becoming, Part 1", it was a nice way of us seeing the creation of Angelus, the curse that brought him to having a soul and being Angel, and his quest for redemption. Also, the flashbacks in "Fool For Love", I especially liked seeing Spike as his human self before he was turned.

What character do you wish we saw more of?
I wished that we could've gotten more of Kendra. If she had to suffer the fate she did, I wished we'd gotten at least more episodes with her in between so we would be able to get to know her a bit more and see her teaming up with Buffy and the gang, and possibly even develop more of a friendship with Buffy as they bond with their Slayer connection. I think it would've made an even more emotional impact when she was killed.

What is your favourite episode out of Hush, Restless, The Body or OMWF?
Probably "Hush", it was a very creative episode and I really enjoyed the creepy nursery rhyme that came with it. And for the sake of emotional episodes, "The Body" is one episode that I don't rewatch that often but whenever I do it still gets to me every single time. No other hour of television hits those raw, real moments like that one does. It's not a favorite in terms of "I enjoyed it", but more of "this made me feel things" and therefore that's what makes it special.

What is your favourite set?
I really liked the Sunnydale High School library. It was such an important set piece for the first three seasons. Plus, the design of the library itself was quite interesting, since it's unlike any school library I've ever seen.

What is your favourite fight scene?
The fight between Buffy and Faith in "Graduation Day, Part 1" and the epic battle sequence in "Graduation Day, Part 2" and in the series finale, "Chosen".

Willow/Oz or Willow/Tara?
I don't really know how to answer this question because I have liked both of them for different reasons, until I didn't. I always thought that Willow/Oz was rather sweet, although she cheated on him and I felt like he shouldn't have taken her back so quickly. And I liked Willow/Tara in the beginning, before Willow ended up mistreating Tara in the sixth season.

Xander/Cordy or Xander/Anya?
Neither because both Cordelia and Anya deserved better.
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