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"Hey there, demons. It's me, ya boi."

This is a time where I'm kind of revisiting old shows that I haven't rewatched a long time, but I'm also getting into shows that I've heard about from others but never actually saw an episode of other than people referencing it. Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural is one of those shows. And I'm honestly astounding how I didn't get into this show before, since this is precisely the kind of content I thrive for. I've watched some paranormal investigation shows in the past so you'd think I would've been all over this the moment I heard about it, and yet I didn't get into it until just now.

There is just something so hilarious seeing two people with different approaches to the paranormal investigating together, one who believes and one who certainly doesn't believe and who often taunts the potential ghosts in an area ("hey, you demon fuck!") leading to so comedic moments between the two. It's entertaining to watch, and I need a good laugh right now.

I'm also watching some other old paranormal-esque shows (The Others and Freakylinks) because I haven't seen them in a long ass time and, for some reason, I'm now compelled to try and find old shows that lasted about one season or so and watch them again.
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