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Bring me my good scifi.

++ Been making my way through all of Buzzfeed Unsolved, both their Supernatural and True Crime series, and it's made me laugh so many times, mostly with their banter which genuinely makes me happy. I also recently learned that Ryan and Shane both left Buzzfeed earlier this year to make their own company, which makes sense. Aside from everyone saying that they're too good for Buzzfeed anyway, their shows kind of outgrew that company anyway so departing and making their own company would be the next logical step. Puppet History, one of their shows on their new channel, has me cackling. It's so great.

++ It seems that Syfy has been having marathons/airings of Battlestar Galactica and Xena: Warrior Princess, and I have to say this is a perfect time to get introduced or reintroduced to BSG and have kind of a resurgence. So say we all!

++ There are now official releases of promotional stills from the upcoming 2020 version of Dune (which from what I've learned will be split into two movies, considering how dense the story is I'm not surprised). I still maintain my position that I approve with most of the casting except for Timothée Chalamet where I feel like he's miscast. Perhaps once a trailer drops it might be better in motion, otherwise I'm not convinced. With that being said, everyone else looks fantastic. I know everyone's been thirsting over Oscar Isaac's bearded look, but also Zendaya looks amazing as Chani, as I knew she would but I like that we're seeing her with blue eyes in the stills, so it makes me hope that the finished product will amplify the intensely unusual blue-on-blue eyes of the Fremen, something that every adaptation has had issues with but I hope that with today's technology they're able to pull it off well. I like the design of the stillsuits, and it seems that they genderswapped Liet-Kynes which should be interesting. These are just the first looks though, I'm anticipating any kind of teaser trailers to reveal to us the look and feel of the movie itself, along with the possibility of seeing how they do the sandworms. In general though, I'm just curious with how they're going to do certain things from the book. I know that the director claims that they're going to be as faithful as possible, I still don't want them to cut any corners, to not sugarcoat anything and let it be unabashedly weird.

Which brings me to my next point: people unfamiliar with Dune are not only going to be incredibly confused going in, but judging from the way outrage culture has been in recent years especially among the fandom community where purity policing has ruined many a good series/fandoms/fan interactions, I am absolutely certain that the morality police will be clutching their pearls and demanding that Dune be cancelled simply for the fact that this is not a completely wholesome. Furthermore, if this movie succeeds and they're able to adapt the rest of the books, oh boy, their heads are going to explode with how further fucked up and bizarre it all is. It's going to be simultaneously hilarious and exhausting to deal with the levels of "discourse" it will cause.
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