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Gimme that new content.

++ Looks like we're not only getting a second Psych movie (Psych 2: Lassie Come Home) but it's also been announced that Leverage is getting rebooted, with most of the original cast returning as their characters. I'm honestly hoping that the latter is good, because the term "reboot" has negative connotations in recent years for being just an in-name-only cash grab with little heart or soul, however my sister did meet Christian Kane at a convention a couple of years ago and he alluded to the possibility of Leverage coming back in some form, so I guess this is what he might've been referring to. Whether it was just in talks a the time, it has basically been finalized by this announcement. As long as they keep in the heart of the original, particularly with the characters and their relationships with one another, I'm good.

++ The seventh and final season of Agents of SHIELD has a teaser trailer and premiere date. I know nothing aside from these teasers, and it looks like it's going to be a time traveling season where they go back in time, and something that looks like what a possible crossover with the shortly lived Agent Carter would've looked like. Either way, while I wasn't much of a fan of the sixth season, I do hope the seventh season concludes the story with a bang. It's the longest running Marvel show on television, even with it being underrated, and it deserves a good sendoff.

++ The Mandalorian has reportedly been renewed for a third season, and there's going to be a behind-the-scenes documentary of it (mostly the first season) released soon. I'm excited about it getting a third season, however I'm pretty stoked about learning more about the making of the show. I like seeing how these kinds of things are made, and with The Mandalorian they're using, not really new but definitely upgraded technology for the special effects and the way things are shot, making it feel both old school and new at the same time. Plus, based on the trailer we're gonna see a bit of Pedro helmet-less in the suit, smiling and laughing, and that? Is more than worth it, imho. ;)
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