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Hilarity and a meme.

If you want a good laugh, then you got to watch the Critical Role cast attempt to do a storytime version of the "telephone" game. The first video was just them testing out the format, just wanting to do something fun, and then the second episode just came out and it's even longer and more hilarious. Basically, we see how everything just derails and their reactions to it, my face hurt from smiling/laughing too much. Which is quite frequent with this bunch. Even though they're quarantined, they're still able to produce such entertaining content, basically just being themselves and making each other, and us, laugh. It's so great, I love these people so much.

And now, a fandom meme to pass the time:
Give me a television series and I'll tell you:

— Favorite character
— Funniest character
— Most attractive character
— Three favorite ships
— Least favorite character
— Least favorite ship
— Why I started watching it
— Reason why I continue(d) to watch it
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