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Rise up!

The Hamilton movie will be dropping July 3rd on Disney+, months before its original premiere date. This is great news for those who have the service, not so great news for those who don't, either by choice or because the service is not available where they are. It kinda sucks that it's Disney that's in charge of this because it should be accessible on other platforms. With that being said, considering that this was initially supposed to be a theatrical release, hopefully it means that it'll be getting a DVD/Bluray release in the near future because I need it so bad. And hopefully it does well enough that it'll boast the chances of other Broadway musicals to professionally film and distribute their performances so its accessible to everyone.

With that being said though, I have to admit, I'm kind of disappointed I won't be seeing this in an actual movie theater with other Hamilton fans because I was really looking forward to the inevitable sing-along that would happen.

But hey, we gotta adjust for that quarantine life. And if that means I get to watch and just unabashedly belting out the lyrics in my pajamas in the privacy of my own home, so be it! (Like I didn't already do that with the soundtrack anyway, lol.)
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