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It's (Ani)Morphin' time!

++ It looks like a Life With Derek spin-off may be in development, and quite frankly I want this to happen -- however I would rather it be on any other network/service that isn't Disney because I want Derek/Casey to finally happen. I mean, the concept is basically them moving in together and co-parenting, so the sexual tension between them is going to be on point. If they're not going to get together then what's the point? And by that, I mean have it mainly focus on Casey and Derek rather than primarily on their kids, because fans don't care about the kids but about Casey and Derek and their relationship.

++ I'm kind of late to the party on this one, but it has come to my attention that the Animorphs books are getting a comic series treatment. Much like with The Baby-sitters Club that also had some of the books adapted into comics, they're doing the same with Animorphs, which will be released later this year. It would be pretty amazing to see some of the scenes visually, especially scenes with the Yeerks and Andalites and even seeing the morphing scenes, but also I hope that this may actually rejuvenate the interest of probably reprinting the books, since while they're available to read for free online the physical copies are out-of-print (save what random volumes you can find in libraries and used bookstores). Also, it makes me wonder if this were to happen if they would just polish up the covers or do different ones entirely, because while most will recognize the covers from being meme'd all to hell over the years, I am curious as what a revamped version of the covers would be. Either way though, I think it's pretty cool. Animorphs was one of those series back when I was a preteen that was practically everywhere, it was very well-loved by many, and I think it's time a resurgence is had.

This even makes me want to rewatch the live-action show again. Yeah, I know many fans of books don't like it and try to pretend it never existed, but I don't care I loved it. It did its best with the limited budget they had, even if they didn't totally stay on course with the books. Though it does make me wonder if there was to be an adaptation of the books today, what that would be like.

++ CBS has given the go-ahead for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. I'll admit that I haven't seen any of the new Star Trek shows, however all I know is that this one has Captain Christopher Pike, who is played by the attractive Anson Mount in Star Trek: Discovery for a brief time, and therefore I am very pleased by this announcement, so I'll be happy to see his face again. Yes, I am shallow.
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