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Fight against the injustice.

For those who want to help during this time, but have no money to do so, by streaming this video without adblock or skipping any ads (and without pausing and having the volume up at least 50%) your view count will help provide, through AdSense, the means of donations to go towards the appropriate BLM organizations and associations. Please pass along and share this link with others to do the same. In the video description are also links to various petitions to sign, as well.

I know many are feeling overwhelmed with everything that's been happening, the feeling of anger and frustration and helplessness and utter disgust in the face of such brutal injustice and racial discrimination, and the frightening reality that those in charge aren't doing anything to stop or protect others but further perpetuate this state of fear and racial injustice towards black lives, but please don't feel discouraged from doing something. Every little thing still counts as an act of protest even if you're not doing so from the streets, from signing petitions to donations to even streaming the video above. Keep sharing any legitimate links you find, and keep talking about it.

Stay safe everyone. ❤
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