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Trans rights are human rights, full-stop.

It's not news at this point that JKR herself has been revealed to hold transphobic views, although recently she went on a Twitter rampage where if there was any doubt, this truly exposes her blatant transphobia, specifically transmisogyny. Like I said this has been common knowledge for a while now so it's not exactly surprising, just disappointing and incredibly upsetting, especially when you consider the state of the world right now, never mind that it's also Pride Month. So whether it was intentional or not, the timing comes across as suspicious and in bad form, in my opinion. Especially the nature of her responses to people when they call her out, which are so hateful and gross. There's also been recent discussions surrounding the rise of transphobia and TERF rhetoric in the UK which may correlate to and even explain some of JKR's boldness of publicly showcasing her anti-trans stance. Regardless though, it's still absolutely heinous and inexcusable.

In any case, because of this I wanted to recommend this wonderful video that concisely breaks down why these Tweets are not only ridiculous but also harmful. Jamie is trans himself and has not only made several JKR-related videos in the past discussing her transphobia, but also his entire channel is about transgender topics and issues, including his own personal experience in transitioning which is very informative for those looking to get more educated.

Another recommendation is Jessie Gender's video, "J.K. Rowling and Why Death of the Author Doesn't Work", which examines the reasons why, in the case of JKR, we can't really separate the art from the artist because her views and beliefs are placed into her works and it's unavoidable to come across something and be reminded of her particular stances on things.

On another positive note, Katie Leung, who played Cho Chang in the HP films, has recently given her opinion on this matter by openly supporting the trans community, specifically posting/linking in support of the black trans community. ❤
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