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It is better to be kind than to spread hate.

++ Daniel Radcliffe released a heartwarming and classy statement in response to JKR's transphobic remarks. I'm very happy that he spoke out, and I loved his overall message reassuring fans who felt hurt and heartbroken that they matter. Apparently other cast members of the films are speaking out as well, from Daniel and Katie Leung to Eddie Redmayne (even though he took on a trans role which could've been given to a trans actor instead, which he hasn't yet apologized for). Unfortunately, it seems that JKR is doubling down hard on her stance, but at least we know that others (especially known public figures) are showing support and standing in solidarity with the trans community in light of all of this, so let us focus on that positive instead of the negative.

++ In more lighthearted news, we finally have the trailer for the second season of Doom Patrol, which will premiere on June 25th. In times like these we need something that is less serious and bleak and more ridiculous and absolutely bonkers, and this show is that in spades. So yeah, I cannot wait for the new season.

++ Jenny Nicholson made a video where watched and ranked The Land Before Time franchise, all 14 movies. I grew up with the first The Land Before Time, and I did watch several of the direct-to-video sequels, however I wasn't aware that there have been fourteen of them made. Granted I did grow out of them as I got older, and I can't even remember the last movie that I ever watched. I just remember the first few aside from the original. But as soon as I saw her video pop up, I instantly was hit with a wave of nostalgia because that's my childhood and I immediately clicked to watch. I enjoy her breaking down from the worst to the best, pinpointing the flaws a number of them had that I didn't catch when I was younger because, well, I was a kid. Either way, it was entertaining, and it was interesting looking at someone else's fresh take after marathoning all fourteen movies one right after the other.
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