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Say hello to your friends!

++ We officially have the Hamilton trailer, which it will be dropping on Disney+ on July 3rd. I am so excited for this, and watching the trailer actually gave me chills.

++ A full trailer for The Babysitters Club on Netflix was released the other day, as well. I have to say, it looks so cute! First, I'm glad that there's age appropriate casting, because as much as I loved the 90s television show and the movie they obviously didn't capture the fact that these were literally twelve/thirteen-year-olds, whereas here there is no question because of how young they all are. Second, someone else pointed it out and it's true, that the trailer is practically every second chapter of every BSC book, which I don't know if it was intentional or not but it's still hilarious nonetheless. It's being set in modern day, which in itself isn't bad, though I'm kind of bummed they didn't set it at least in the 90s, considering that Netflix has the 80s nostalgia with Stranger Things this would've been a great opportunity to go full-on 90s nostalgia, especially with Alicia Silverstone being in it. But that's just my opinion. Either way, I really liked the feeling of this trailer, it's just really adorable.
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