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Aliens love cinnamon buns.

Since the announcement that Animorphs is getting the movie treatment, I kind of wanted to give my thoughts and wishes on what I want out of this adaptation considering it's still in the early stages and nothing is set in stone quite yet. These are just my own personal thoughts and ideas, which are pretty basic for the most part, but as a fan of the series I just wanted to get this out there.

** Considering that this is going to be a movie, it makes me curious about what is going to be adapted from the books. And it does make me concerned because, considering the number of books there are in the series and what happens in them, it'll be really difficult to condense all of that into a singular movie without oversimplifying it, and if they're planning on more I don't want it to turn into yet another failed franchise because it couldn't manage to tell it right. So, instead, I propose that the movie will be more of an introduction, covering at least the first four books to set things up; have it be a completed story in itself with no cliffhanger, but leave it open-ended for the possibility of more of the story to come. If it does well and shows that there is an interest in this being adapted, then transfer it from being a movie franchise to a television series, which I think is a better fitting medium to tell the story anyway. I also think it would benefit from being on a streaming service, as well.

** Have people who know and understand the books work on this movie, or who will be willing to work with and listen to others who understand it better (KA herself, for example) to make it as close to the books as possible. I cannot stress this enough. It is find to take some liberties, because adaptations aren't always word-for-word on the page of the source material, but it should reflect the very core spirit of what they are about and what fans of the books should be able to love.

** Set it in the 90s. Aside from the fact that it would make better sense in context, there is definitely a 90s resurgence that I feel needs to be reflected and this could be a great opportunity to do so.

** Have a good balance of practical effects and CGI. This is kind of a no-brainer for any piece of media in my opinion, but when it comes to showing alien creatures, especially ones with very specific character designs and characteristics, you really need to get it right. I know that much of this is about money and time and allowing the graphic developers to make it as good as they can with what they have, but I really do hope that they manage to make it work with this, combining CG and practical effects to make it all work and do these characters, this entire world, justice. We have the technology, and I do hope the movie will have at least a decent budget to make it work.

** Assuming that this will be a live-action adaptation, I want them to cast age-appropriate actors for the roles. These are teenagers, and they basically are caught in the middle of a war and essentially become child soldiers in said war. We need to see how horrifying that is from their perspective.

** Show the body horror of morphing. There is an excellent scene in the show Siren where we see the transformation of the main character from her mermaid form to human form, and it is grotesque, it demonstrates how painful it is when transforming, either to or from human form. I want that level of horrifying to be portrayed because the morphing process in Animorphs is not pretty from the descriptions, particularly when some of them don't morph correctly. Furthermore, aside from the time limit they have when morphing, this will establish that this isn't just cool power that these kids were bestowed upon to use whenever and wherever they want to. There are rules, there are drawbacks, and there are consequences.

** Please don't shy away from the horrifying elements. While the books were written and aimed mostly towards kids so it never was that gratuitous, K.A. Applegate also never sugarcoated the horrors of many things, from morphing to the realities of war and the psychological trauma it causes. While I'm sure the movie will most likely not feature some of those darker elements that happened along the way, it shouldn't try to eliminate the horrors that do exist from the start. Keep in mind that in the first book Visser Three (the antagonist) shows up and literally eats Elfangor alive (here's the scene in the first episode of the 90s show for added context), so even from the beginning it demonstrates how dangerous and terrifying of what these kids are witnessing and gotten themselves into. And really, truly, show how menacing this invasion is, from The Sharing and the kids questioning those around them about whether or not they may be Controllers and not trusting anyone, to everything else. Don't go grimdark because that's not necessary, but don't go extremely light on everything either. Allow there to be humor and lighthearted moments, but also don't minimize or undermine the darker, more serious elements. Much of which, might I add, do deeply reflect and are relevant to current day political events.

** Cameos from the original television cast. I think the best bets would probably be Shawn Ashmore or even his twin brother, Aaron Ashmore, (or both) since they're both still active in the entertainment business particular in the realms of scifi/fantasy so it would be quite fitting, but really any of the original cast would be perfect to have at least a cameo appearance.

I may have more to add in the future, especially one more information about the movie being in development and just whatever comes to mind, but this is about it for the moment.

Furthermore, since I mentioned this previously but didn't provide a link, if you haven't read Animorphs and would like to, you can find all of them here. And yes, K.A. Applegate has given her approval of being reading the books for free online. So, have at it! ❤
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