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How is it July already?

++ Critical Role has returned to resume their second campaign after months of unexpected hiatus due to quarantine. Marisha Ray made an announcement video a little while ago about the state of their return and what that means, including their brand new social distancing set and them taking the necessary precautions for everyone's health and safety. Furthermore, it's emphasized that they're returning because they want to, which I think is an important factor here. Anyone who has been keeping up with them over the last several months knows that they all miss each other, and they miss playing their game, and that this was a decision agreed upon by everyone involved with the company.

This of course got me wondering how things are going to resume within the entertainment industry in general, because everything will undoubtedly be affected by adjusting to new health guidelines for the safety of everyone since, y'know, the virus is not going to magically disappear once people are given the okay to return back to work. It just has me curious.

++ It seems that the Furiosa movie is going ahead without Charlize Theron, which she voiced her thoughts on it, clearly heartbroken but states that she respects the decision. Others, however, have expressed their displeasure of this for obvious reasons. I'm honestly conflicted on this issue. Because on one hand it's true that there's an ageism issue in the entertainment industry and that should be dismantled, however this is supposedly a prequel, perhaps during the early days of Furiosa (or when she was a Wife before being discarded), so it would make sense to cast someone younger for the role. Although I think a compromise could be made, have Charlize Theron return but as an adult Furiosa telling her tale. Either way though, I don't think anything will top the brilliance of Mad Max: Fury Road. That was such a unexpected masterpiece that, as much as many wish it, cannot be replicated through a prequel, imho.

++ I don't watch Batwoman, however I have been following the kerfuffle since hearing about the main lead leaving that created quite a stir (whether of her own volition or if she was actually fired or there was some non-negotiable things happening, it's all rumors and speculation so who knows) and with the news that they were essentially casting a new character to be the lead rather than simply recasting the role, and some where unhappy about this but let's be honest, having your main lead actor leave after one season isn't exactly common so it's either recast the role or have another character be in their place. Besides, it's not exactly new for different characters to take on the mantle of a particular superhero identity. With that being said, we now have confirmation of who they got cast, and although we don't know her acting ability, I do have to admit it's quite an upgrade. It might make me curious enough to actually check out the show now. Maybe. I'm not really into the CW anymore, much less any of the DCTV shows that are on there, but you never know. They do have rare gems that come from that mess of a network.
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