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Let your geek flag fly, baby.

++ Crunchy Questions Meme from author_by_night is officially up! You can still submit questions from the other post to be added to the list, but the meme is now open for anyone to answer. :D

++ In a recent interview, Amy Lee from Evanescence was asked whether she was aware of how the song "My Immortal" inspired the most infamous badfic of all time, and not only did Amy reveal that she's read most of it but that she finds it absolutely hilarious! Such a perfect response, imho. And I've often wondered over the years whether she knew about it, since the song "My Immortal" is quite beautiful and is one of my favorites, but most people, especially among online, know "My Immortal" from the fic. And now we know.

It's honestly kind of amusing that this badfic has since become such an iconic piece of fandom history all these years later. Even people who weren't there during its creation or weren't part of the fandom, or even in fandom, know about it.

++ The Great Debate is a show on Syfy, something I didn't know existed until very recently, where it's just a bunch of guests who discuss geeky/nerdy things, playfully debating but is essentially just a huge love of all things geek. They've had a lot of notable guests, but what drew my attention to this show was that the entire cast of Critical Role is going to be on it next week! So it's just going to be a normal kind of hangout with them just debating things on a show. And apparently it's going to be an extended episode, which, well, of course it would need to be. I kinda really want the entire cast to appear on CollegeHumor's Um, Actually, which both Matt and Marisha have been on a couple of times, but it would be hilarious seeing the rest of them appear.

++ It's Comic-Con weekend, but done at home, which is the wisest decision. I still can't believe that earlier this year they thought SDCC would still happen, because let's be honest conventions are a breeding ground of germs and poor hygiene, people get sick from conventions all the time. Even if the pandemic wasn't as bad as it currently is, it still would've been a bad idea to hold the event. Nevertheless, they've adjusted to doing livestreaming panels from home, and I've seen some people simply cosplay at home as well. It may not be the same as actually attending a convention, but it's safer and probably less stress-inducing.

++ There's been a lot of announcements of movies being "delayed indefinitely", which honestly? We kind of expected this. With the pandemic still occurring, scheduled movies that were to be released in theaters was just not going to be possible. Everything is going to be delayed until further notice. I think the industry needs to understand that even when the pandemic slows down or ceases to exist, that doesn't mean people are going to be immediately flocking to the movie theaters once they reopen. It'll be a good long while before that becomes a thing again, so they need to find other alternatives to releasing new movies (i.e. releasing it via streaming services, drive-in movies, etc). It's not ideal, but that's the reality. You can't keep pretending that all of this is going to go away in a few months and just continue to reschedule movies every single time. It's unrealistic and a waste of time. Furthermore, while I don't want to lose the movie theater experience I also want the prices to stop being so damn expensive. It's why I haven't really been going to the movie theater that much within the last decade or so, well, that and how there hasn't been anything I consider worthwhile seeing in the theater.
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