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Lots of planets have a North.

++ So, we're having a massive heat wave that'll last throughout the next week. Awesome. Good thing that I've been staying inside during the majority of this year because fuck if I'm going out in that nonsense.

++ Agents of SHIELD had their series finale the other night, and I'm still mulling over the fact that the show is officially over, making it the end of Marvel television (outside of Helstrom, whenever that'll be). I don't have much thoughts other than I absolutely loved this show. It had its ups and downs throughout but overall it was a solid fantastic show that got better and better as it progressed, which is something I always say to anyone who bounced after the first several episodes of the first season. I still maintain that the S5 finale best served for a series finale, but I do like that the final season attempted to further wrap things up with the emphasis on family, both blood and found family, which was the message throughout the entire series. Thank you, Agents of SHIELD, for seven wonderful seasons, and especially thank you for introducing me to one of my favorite characters, Daisy Johnson. ❤

++ The creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender have left the live-action Netflix series. It feels like déjà vu all over again. I haven't watched the animated series myself, but I know it's such a beloved series and many fans were excited for the possibility of a faithful live-action adaptation since the last attempt was an utter failure to an extreme, so this no doubt has stirred a lot of disappointment and frustration among the fanbase. Many are concerned and skeptical if Netflix truly has the best intentions in mind. And with "creative differences" being a major factor here, well, it's kind of foreboding because that's never a good sign. Truthfully, while good in theory, I'm of the mind that not every animated series/movie needs a live-action adaptation, since animation can achieve certain things that live-action cannot. Avatar: The Last Airbender is considered by most to be an absolute masterpiece on its own, so a live-action series isn't really necessary.

What do you guys think? Should this planned live-action series still happen? Do you think it has potential to be good even without the original creators involved? Or do you just not care either way especially since the animated series still exists and is available to watch anytime you want?

++ And now a pleasant surprise: it was announced that Christopher Eccleston will be returning as the Ninth Doctor for an audio drama, with twelve episodes scheduled. As someone who was introduced to Doctor Who by him, Nine was not only my first Doctor but my favorite Doctor overall. It's also why I enjoy Thirteen, because she reminds me of Nine a bit. I always felt that Nine is severely underrated and underappreciated by most, so much so that I keep seeing people recommend starting with Ten to newcomers because "he's so much hotter and lasts longer" than Nine did and it's like, what the fuck? No. Nine is great, utterly fantastic, and I'm happy that we'll be getting some new material from him, even if it's audio form.
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