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I'm vengeance.

++ There's been a lot of announcements of upcoming DC Comic projects, varying of different mediums. Among this is the first look at The Suicide Squad, which is considered both a sequel and soft reboot of the failure of the first movie, with having some recurring characters along with newer ones. I'll be honest, though, the cast is still far too big which was one of the many complaints of the first attempt. We get that the team is a huge ensemble but without having already established these characters prior most of them will get very little screentime. It's why I truly think that this shouldn't really be a movie, but instead a television series that will allow these characters to grow and develop and to let us see the group come together, instead of just shoving them into a singular movie. Either way, I don't really have much expectations for the movie itself. On that note, I do want to say that Harley Quinn's character design is infinitely better this go around.

Secondly is the teaser for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz. Now, I'm not really huge on this franchise or DC in general, however I will say seeing people whinge and froth at the mouth about Robert being cast in the role is making me lowkey root for it, simply because the whole "judging an actor for a previous role they did years ago" is kind of ridiculous. Furthermore, Robert Pattinson has proven himself to be a fantastic actor when given the right roles (see: The Lighthouse, for example). Furthermore, the film isn't done, well, filming since the pandemic happened so we don't know what this movie is eventually going to turn into in the end. So, yeah, I don't really have much to say other than it's going to be hilarious seeing more angry fanboys complain that Bruce Wayne/Batman is wearing emo guyliner.

++ For Critical Role fans, many are excited about seeing the animated series come to life. They have a particular behind-the-scenes series which takes everyone on the journey of this process of how the animated show is coming to life. The most recent episode, The Legend of the World of The Legend of Vox Machina, gives us details about the animation process, particularly with recreating the world that Matt has created. We've seen various fanart depict these particular places, but there is something so surreal of seeing the process of an official team putting it all together for an animated series. It's so cool. Now, obviously, with the pandemic that's happened I'm sure things were placed on pause for a bit, but I'm sure that things are still being worked on, and however long it takes I'm sure that the end result is going to be fantastic.

Furthermore! There are official Critical Role Funko Pops available for pre-order (sold out at their official store, but available elsewhere at retail stores)! I'm getting them all, of course. But I especially want the Trinket one, which is a specialty series exclusive, because he looks so adorable.
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