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The mythical and fantastical.

Taken from the Crunchy Questions Meme:

What mythical or fantastical being deserves a fictional redemption as much as werewolves and vampires?

Angels. I think angels need to have a massive fictional redemption, mostly in terms of portraying them as the eldritch abominations that they are. A lot of people still think angels as being these cutesy little beings with white fluffy wings (or, alternatively, attractive humanoid beings with white fluffy wings), that's basically what's been commercialized for a long time, when instead I want there to be more depictions of them being gargantuan beings with like sixteen wings of varying sizes and colors and forms, having multiple heads with thousands of glowing eyes. Because, angels are terrifying. They are meant to be terrifying cosmic horror monstrosities, and I just really want more depictions of varying degrees of angels in that regard. I want them to look something akin to a Dark Souls/Bloodborne creature instead of just the same-old attractive human but with wings. That gets boring. Be creative, go outside the box, get grotesque.

Also, I want to say faeries need to have another fictional redemption, because again with how commercialized faeries have become we need more variety. The fair folk aren't always cutesy and nice, many are actually quite mischievous and are tricksters themselves who have their own set of rules. Anyone who has ever watched Labyrinth knows this very well. There are so many different types of fae that needs more acknowledgement than just those with fairy wings, as well. I think Lost Girl was the only thing that I remember seeing that actually gave a little bit of spotlight to the different kinds of fae beings that aren't often shown in mainstream media, such as the squonk and brownie, for example. I guess what I'm saying is that, most people have a very basic understanding about faeries and not such much about the fae as a whole, so I would love to see more stories featuring these different kinds of fae creatures from all kinds of folklore.

And overall, I do want more emphasis on mythical creatures and beings from other cultures as well. A lot of fantastical beings are universally shared throughout the world, such as the dragon, however we only tend to see the same types over and over again. It would be nice to see the legends and myths surrounding these kinds of creatures from different cultures and how they view them, the legends behind them, etc.
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