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But don't you speak for me.

++ We have a trailer for The Haunting of Bly Manor. I really loved The Haunting of Hill House, which was an unexpected surprise with just how amazingly good it was and how emotional I got by watching it, so I'm incredibly excited to get more of this new anthology series.

++ We also got an official date for the second season of The Mandalorian, October 30th. Now all we need is a trailer....

++ Apparently it's been reported that Pretty Little Liars is potentially getting a reboot? By the creator of Riverdale? And with the limited information we've gotten, it'll be a new story with new characters, which I guess would essentially just be in-name only? I don't know why this is needed, furthermore I don't understand this obsession with rebooting things, especially of popular franchises, that just ended in recent years. (I mean, I do know why, but I don't understand why it's still a thing when it's been proven that it's hardly that successful.) There are so many other things you can do, like adapting another YA book series into a show, or having an original story idea of your own. It is so unnecessary, and I'm just so tired of this being a constant trend.

Just bring back Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists from cancellation. That spin-off would be more preferable than this, imho. (Also because there is a high demand for it, based on the petition, and I'm still bitter it was cancelled.)

++ John Boyega doesn't hold back when he gives his honest thoughts about his experience on Star Wars sequel films. It's an extensive but good interview.

As someone who considers herself a very casual watcher of the Star Wars franchise, and only was invested with the first of the sequel trilogy, hearing about what John Boyega went through over those years truly is horrific and disgusting, from being sidelined in the films after originally being marketed as being a huge part of the main cast to enduring endless counts of racism. Those movies did a massive disservice to him, along with Oscar Isaac and Kelly Marie Tran. I'll be honest, I remember being so excited seeing more variety and inclusion in the SW universe, I think many were, but unfortunately it just wasn't what it was hyped up to be, as in the marketing got our expectations high and we, along with the rest of them, were letdown. These films had many issues, and the treatment of their cast was one of them, particularly those who are POC. I know that John Boyega has been very outspoken about this, and I'm glad he's continuing to do so, which is a huge risk for anyone who isn't white because of the chance of being blacklisted within the industry is incredibly higher simply for speaking out. Though considering our social and political climate right now, there's been a massive outlet for black and other POC actors calling out the racism and discrimination that they've faced in the workplace. So hopefully TPTB will start listening and realizing they need to do better.
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