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Dune: The Official Trailer

The trailer for Denis Villeneuve's adaptaion of Dune has finally arrived. Here are my thoughts.

Just based on the trailer itself, it looks quite promising when it comes to adapting the book, at least the first half, since I recognized many scenes. I know they've split it up into two films because, well, considering how dense the book and story is overall it's understandable. I know that Villeneuve has been adamant with wanting to be as close to the source material as possible, and it would be near impossible to condense it all in a singular movie, which is quite smart.

I'm still not sold on Timothee Chalamet as Paul, though that's mostly because I don't really care that much for him as an actor or the hype surrounding him, so that's just my own personal bias.

However, the rest of the cast looks fantastic. I liked that we don't see the Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam's face, how veiled and concealed she is to give the Bene Gesserit that mysterious presence for those unaware of who they are, and the fact that we see the Gom Jabbar scene straight away, it makes me excited. And because we see the Baron Harkonnen briefly in this trailer, I'm pretty intrigued with what they're going to do with that and how much of the Harkonnen storyline is going to be in this film. And then we have Oscar Isaac, who everyone is thirsting over which is understandable given the appearance they have Duke Leto Atreides have in this film, but I also want to shout-out the brilliant casting of Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho. And of course Zendaya as Chani, because she is utterly perfect for this role and I just love the fact that she has expanded herself to such roles as this, it makes me happy.

I love the look of the Fremen stillsuits.

I knew they would have the "fear is the mind-killer" line spoken in the trailer, it's quite iconic from the books so I would've been disappointed if it wasn't used.

Also? YAY SANDWORMS! I didn't know if they were going to show them or not in this trailer, or if it was just going to be a mysterious monstrous presence on Arrakis until people saw the film, but I think, again, I would've been disappointed if we didn't see at least one appearance of a worm. So I'm definitely pleased with how they not only showed it, but seeing not just the design of them, but also with how massive they are.

To sum it up, I liked this trailer, impressed that so far things seem to be on par with the book and, while I kinda wished to see a bit more color and more emphasis on the blue-on-blue Fremen eyes along with the importance of the spice melange, I'm sure that'll be reserved for another trailer. I'm actually quite positive that I know where the film might end and where the second film will begin, just based on the things we haven't seen or things that I haven't read about in regards to casting, and of course since the book does have a bit of a time jump so I'm curious to know where precisely the cut-off will be.

Overall, this trailer has me feeling cautiously optimistic. Should this film, and its second half, succeed I'm curious if they plan on adapting the rest of Frank Herbert's Dune series. I know that it's been considered an unfilmable saga, because of how dense and strange it is, but we shall see.
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