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VMars: "One Angry Veronica" Episode Review

First off, let me just announce publically, in my own words, that I am tired and irritated with all the Duncan bashing lately. Even though Duncan admitted that he is the father of Meg's baby, he and Veronica are both still together. Veronica was slightly upset about him not mentioning this -- but I liked how supportive she seemed and non-angry after the conversation at the lunch table. It's complicated, but what in Neptune isn't complicated anyway? I still like Duncan, and I still like Veronica and Duncan together. That is all.

One Angry Veronica: The Juror of the Future

One of the things I fear is actually attending jury duty, and Rob Thomas demonstrates the frustration when actually chosen to be on the jury. Although, Veronica handled it with stride because, well, she is the daughter of a private investigator and has dealt with heavier things in the past. But I liked how tensions rise in that little concealed room -- and the highs and lows when faced with the votes and how long until you return to your normally scheduled life. Though I disliked the "big man" that thought Veronica was just some "Barbie cheerleader" with no understanding of how the law works or even to consciously know the "wealthy respectables" from the "lowlife hookers". Whoa, buddy. Think twice before you say something in front of Veronica Mars. She'll cut you like you've never been cut before in your life. And that's just her amazing witticisms and way with words (which she also demonstrated to him). Folks in Neptune are either Slytherin or Gryffindor, with few Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. Veronica, fortunately, is all wrapped into one persnickety package. She's a Slytherdor-Ravenpuff with plenty of sleuth skills.

The woman that talked to her in the room after they made their conviction had an excellent point that I believe may be foreshadowing Veronica's future after this season. It's well known that Veronica may become something bigger in Neptune despite her disliking of that town.

Oh, and for those bitching about how Veronica handled her time on the jury? Deal with it. This? This is the Veronica Mars we all know and love. I loved how her dealt with the case, very resourceful and so very Veronica-like. This is what she does best. Just, deal with it and move on, okay?

The Meg Manning Mystery: Family Feuds Strike Again

Okay. I've always liked Meg as a character. In the last season she was the only friendly 09er that ever gave Veronica the time of day, despite the nasty rumors against her and reputation. Meg never cared for those, anyway. And I thought it was immature with her behavior she demonstrated in "Normal is the Watchword", the premiere episode of this season. Since that episode and the bus crash, I've been contemplating on whether or not Meg was just angry with Veronica about returning back to Duncan. But at the same time, it seemed so....unlike Meg, very OOC and definitely some motive over her bitchiness towards Veronica. Now, with everything that's been revealed, it all falls into place perfectly.

Meg wasn't being a bitch to Veronica intentionally, it was the hormones of being pregnant and seeing Veronica and Duncan, the father of the child, together again after the breakup. It's completely understandable, too. Hell, if I knew I was pregnant and the father of my child broke it off and months later was back together with his ex-girlfriend, I'd be a mixture of confusion and bitchiness too. However, It was nice to see Meg and Veronica being civil again, along with the apology. I also liked how Meg asked Veronica to make sure that the Adare!Mannings didn't send her child away to a psychotic overly strict adoptive home or back with them at the Psychologically Abusive V.C. Andrews-esque household.

So, Duncan is the father of the baby. Probably everyone's bitching about how he should've mentioned it to Veronica and so forth, and I agree but to an extent. He should've told her beforehand, however I understand his reasonings for not wanting to disturb Veronica with such information.

Even though Meg's death wasn't a surprise (because after that alternative ending, it was quite obvious she was to be killed off), but I was saddened to see her go. The character had just redeemed herself to be still the Meg Manning we all knew and loved, and yet it was her time to go. With the whole new challenge in relation to her and the baby issue with the psychotic family of hers. I'm glad that storyline and mystery is still being continued with. Because after that particular episode with the My Sweet Audrina discovery, that perked my interests in this morbid religious crazies that Meg's parents really are.

Aaron Echolls and Lilly Kane: Devastation of an Affair

Goodness, could Logan emotionally torture himself any more with viewing those tapes? I mean, he already knew what was on them why would he torment himself by watching all the way through with his father having an affair with his girlfriend, and knowing that he killed her in rage afterwards? Poor Logan. I wanted to give him hugs. Kudos for burning and literally destroying them. Nevertheless, it weakens to case against Aaron Echolls on the trial and all. Could this mean that Aaron will walk if there's no physical evidence against him (being the tapes)? Hmmm....

I loved how Keith was made in charge of the investigation, though the Mayor is very unnerving for some reason. It's that genuine and courteous smile that doesn't always seem so genuine and courteous.

Poor Leo. I liked him, really I did. Though his selfless deed in selling those tapes was for the good cause of his little sister. It definitely was a bittersweet ending --- he did a good deed, yet pays the price and turns over his badge. Bittersweet.

The Pretty Shinys!

It's a Mars Family Christmas! Veronica's little housewarming decorativeness and Keith's reaction to it all was too cute. TOO CUTE! And Veronica's elf-hat and glittery top.....'tis the season to be jolly! How much do I love their relationship? Bigger than the Firefly-galaxy combined!!

Veronica's mentioning of Keith "fitting an entire pony in her bedroom" was, again, too cute. Her little skips and jumps! Hee!

Keith trying to be computer-literate, then giving up once Veronica caught him easily with his mispronounciation of technological terminologies. Hee, much love for them Mars. Keith/Veronica, OMGness.

Logan's "dude" to Keith. HEE! And Keith not taking that kind of tone from him. And later Keith and Logan having a civil discussion over the tapes. That was an 'Aww' moment right there.

How much do I love our lovely Keith Mars? SO MUCH, OMG!! ♥ :D

Dude (no pun intended), the Car Graffiti is back. I'm actually wondering how you would be able to drive with those words covering your windshield, or would you pull an Ace Ventra and still your head out the window.

Veronica putting her all in the jury room. That was really amazing to see her keep her cool during that stressful time on jury duty. She's more mature that the male authority figure in the room, which makes Veronica oh so very shiny. Hee!

With the shallowness, Veronica's outfits were completely awesome in this episode. *me wants*

Dick being, well, Dick.

Sheriff Lamb. Shirt off. Way to get all the fangirls squeeing their heads off. Oh, and Keith making the quip about "looking good". HEE!

WALLACE IS BACK!!!! OMG, I was completely floored and squeed in delight with him popping up at Veronica's door, being all sly and saying "Happy New Years!" THEIR HUG! THEIR CUDDLING ON THE COUCH!! The happiness with Wallace is so warm and cuddly. What a way to end the episode before the holiday season hiatus.

Overall: I adored this episode. Nothing too extravagant that would give myself a headache over what storyline connects with what and speculating and such, but it was a nice little home-warming feeling that really captured the spirit of the VMars show as we know it. Enougn mystery to keep the suspense, yet enough witticisms to keep the funny and nicely placed together of an episode. The Meg Manning issues being revealed yet still unsolved, the Lilly Kane murder mystery is STILL going on, Veronica still has her spunk and that father/daughter bond is still going strong. And, whee, friendships still last after a wee fight! Major love for this episode, and I seriously CANNOT wait that long after the hiatus. Like, seriously. Can. Not. Wait. That. Long. But I have to, like everyone else.

Oh, and the total votes on the different endings? The Original Ending SO PWNED the alternative one, like I had predicted it would. PWNED, bitches! Ah-ha!

God, I love this show. I don't say this enough which is a completely fucking lie but I so totally do love this show gorrammit, and I should say it more. LOVE. THIS. SHOW.

Nicole won! Granted, I hardly watch the show from beginning to end, I do however watch for last ten minutes of each episode since it started to see who got eliminated from the race. Some of the contestants weren't take great, while others I was sad to see go.

Nicole was the one I was hoping would make it. Yay for her!

I also watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night, and it will be encouring on Tuesday....and I'm going to tape it. Because I am an odd duckling like that, and also because unlike other modeling shows the Victoria Secret runways are very fun and creative, and all the models have FUN while being there. They have personality/spunk and I love them for that. It's the separation from the "all models on the runways are skinny and angry and anorexic" stereotype. Also, it was the last time Tyra Banks will be working the runway and modeling. So, it was very special for the finale of her long-year career.

So yes. Me, taping the fashion show as it reruns again. Yes. Me? Odd duckling. Whee. :)
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