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'Ello, I have opinions.

Taken from the Crunchy Questions Meme:

What shows or books do you feel had real potential, but ultimately flopped? What do you think happened?

Note: This is all subjective, what I personally felt was a flop might not have been for others, this is all just my own opinion.

I'll always be bitter about what happened with Sleepy Hollow. That show had a good concept and an interesting premise, the first season started out extremely well and it had much potential and promise, but then it all went downhill. From the showrunner and some of the writers leaving to executive meddling, firing of actors, to the biggest offender of all: the mistreatment of the main actress, Nicole Beharie, and the sidelining of her character who was one of the main fucking characters of the damn show, to then just killing off her character entirely. Like, just the blatant racism and discrimination alone should be enough of an explanation of why this whole shitshow flopped. It's enraging and disappointing.

And then there's American Gods. Oh boy, where to even start with this. First, I want to say that the first season was absolutely amazing, it was innovative and unique and definitely had that certain creative spark in storytelling that I enjoy. Sadly, however, after Bryan Fuller and Co. were fired by STARZ/Neil Gaiman, that's when the show started going downhill. Now, for the record, I stopped watching after the first season I don't know precisely how the show turned out after the fact, but I didn't really have to because the behind-the-scenes drama is probably more entertaining than the show itself is at this point. It has gone through multiple showrunners (all hired and then fired), actors then were appointed to actually write and produce for the show despite that not being in their job description, and some actors either left or were outright fired, some for unknown reasons while others for supposed racist ones. It's just, a mess.

And the thing is, it didn't have to get to this point had they just kept Bryan Fuller on the show. The show initially praised during the first season for the creative direction and the brilliant storytelling. Now, you hardly hear anything about it besides messy behind-the-scenes nonsense. So all that potential was lost after they lost him, imho.

Veronica Mars is a show that I loved initially, but in hindsight I realized that the only good season was the first one. The second season onward was a jumbled up hot mess. I do think the show had the potential to develop naturally, but I think they tried too hard to recreate the magic season one had but failed miserably, along with trying to tease fans with an on-again/off-again relationship (which made me dislike that relationship tbh). Plus, I felt like there was something just a bit off when rewatching the second and third seasons, like the writing wasn't as sharp as it was in the first season, the delivery of lines not as good, etc, it was just a combination of things that just didn't really add up. And of course, when the show did the fourth revived season recently that definitely killed any love fans had for it for a number of reasons. In the end, I think Veronica Mars tried too hard to be what the first season created, but failed to understand what made it work in the first place, and it just kept digging itself deeper into a hole that they couldn't get out of.

I'm going to be a bit bold here and say the MCU. I don't really care that much about the MCU, to be perfectly honest, the same with the DCEU for that matter, and while we know how disastrous the DCEU is to the point where it's kind of expected, I do think that, for all its careful planning over the years, the MCU has certainly become kind of a disappointment as a whole when it comes to its final products. Sure, the movies make major bank at the box office no matter what, but when it comes to the storytelling aspects it does flop. It mostly boils down to the writing, which differs depending on who is in charge of the project, since I've heard plenty of fans voice their disappointments with how things were handled. Despite my disinterest in the movie franchise itself, I know that there was potential in the beginning but they definitely lost their way a while ago. I also think Disney buying Marvel really was a big mistake, because it will produce more soulless things in favor of money.

In kinda-related news, there's been tons of announcements of movies being pushed back due to the pandemic, never how many television shows have been affected, with some unfortunately being cancelled even if they were deemed safe previously. While we know plenty of newer projects have been announced, though it makes me wonder about the state media will be in, since I'm sure that new safety measures will be implemented permanently, and how this will overall affect the way the film and television industry will conduct itself. Particularly since the film industry is incredibly stubborn and refuses to accept that times have changed, and that they need to find a way to readjust themselves accordingly.
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