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Living vicariously through a subculture.

Taken from the Crunchy Questions Meme:

What is a subculture that you haven't dipped your toe in, but find absolutely fascinating?

After I had discovered Kamikaze Girls I was quite fascinated with the Lolita subculture, from Sweet Lolita and Gothic Lolita respectively. And in a way, I'm still fascinated by it since it still exists, just not as prominent as it used to be. I've read books and articles on the subject, getting a better idea of what this fashion subculture is about, and it's quite detailed. I did toy with the idea of getting involved with it initially, but decided to opt out because it looked like not only was it an extensive project but also incredibly expensive, and I wasn't sure if I could live up to partaking in that lifestyle. It all looks gorgeous, though, and it still has my fascination all these years later. If I were to take a gander at it, I definitely would go more for the Gothic Lolita look more than anything.

Cosplay as a whole is something I've been wanting to participate in for so long, because I'm someone who loves the idea of dressing up as my favorite character. In a way, I sort of do this on my own at home, just a toned down version because really, I draw inspiration from characters and their clothing choices all the time and I work with what I got. But full-on cosplay, especially at conventions or meet-ups, is something I haven't done yet. I tried doing this one year, but the outfit wasn't finished in time, which was a bummer. I deeply admire people who do cosplay, whether they construct the costumes themselves or buy it from others, because it's such a time-consuming and costly hobby and they just continue to go to these fan events looking absolutely amazing, no matter what method they chose to put the outfit together. And I've been intrigued and fascinated with wanting to do it myself, but I'll be honest....I'm kinda lazy. I need to be really inspired and have all the right materials (and money) to put something together. Hopefully someday, though.

In non-fashion subcultures, I've been fascinated with urban exploration. There is just something so interesting about exploring abandoned places and buildings, taking videos and photographs of these areas that are frozen in time, long forgotten and decaying. I've watched many videos of urban explorers going to different areas, some well-known while others not so much, and just capturing the lost and forgotten, because there is a history there, a story that can only be shown through photographs. Obviously, this activity can be quite tricky considering the safety risks and even legality issues can arise, but I do live vicariously through watching videos and seeing these photographs and such.
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