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I'm a fucking hippie. Deal with it.

I saw Kill Bill again this weekend, without my father. Again, it was an exciting and amazingly done movie. I will be going for the third time with my uncle, who also wants to see it. What can I say? That movie kicks major ass, especially if it's got Uma Thurman as the leading character, and who can resist a girl who can kick ass with a samurai sword. Oh, and I also, for a little belated birthday present, my and my sister went to Borders (like we always do) to see if there are some more books that we could bribe our father could get - and since it happened to be my late birthday weekend with him, he had a very large obligation. Anyways, I was cruising the CD racks when I found the Kill Bill soundtrack, and thankfully that was all that I wanted that day (not to mention it was all that I was searching for at the time, unless something popped out unexpectedly that I absolutely HAD to have). And the CD fucking rocks! I especially love the first song, the main theme song from the beginning of the movie: Bang, Bang - by Nancy Sinatra. An amazing and beautiful song, I might add.

So Kill Bill craze aside, today was quite interesting. But, then again, what isn't interesting at the short lunch break that we have at my school? In fact, I thought something that was mentioned in a conversation we were having that was quite humorous....but, it's one of those converstations that you had to be there to understand it, or else you would be totally lost. Here's something that was mentioned that I thought was pretty damn funny. Mind you, one of the girls that I hang out with at lunch, named Carrie, is kind of a drug addicted alcoholic bum (that's what she calls herself), but she's very nice and pretty and I like her. She's a good friend. So, anyway - back onto the topic! Carrie was wearing a coat that is fur cut around the collar and on the cuffs of the jacket, and this strikes up and very weird topic.

Because the conversation is started by, who else, Amanda, and she always likes to strike up the most obscene conversations, even to get everyone's minds in the gutter. Yes, we have those conversations as well, and everyone at our table has a dirty mind, especially Amanda. But this was a topic that wasn't like that, but it was still pretty funny. Here's what I mean:

Amanda: *looks at Carries jacket* Tell me that's not actual animals fur that you have on.
Carrie: *looks at her jacket* No.
Amanda: Good. Because I'd hate to thing that you're wearing some dead sheep on yourself while sitting next to me.
Lisa: You do know that they just cut off the wool from the sheep, and not hurt them, right?
Caitlin: But sometimes they do have to kill them to get the wool off of them.
Amanda: See, this is yet *another* reason why I don't wear dead animal for clothing.
Lisa: Well, you wear cotton, right? Cotton comes from plants - that means you're killing to plants!
Amanda: *looks at Lisa* Yeah, well, you SMOKE the plants, so I don't see the difference! *laughs and points to Lisa as in the obvious* Oh! I got you there!
Lisa: Well, so do you. too. Tobacco.
Amanda: Dude, I quit smokin' that, like, years ago. So that don't count.
Lisa: Still, you do smoke cigarettes.
Amanda: *raises her hands in the air, defensively* I'm a goddamn hippie! What'd you expect?

So as you can see, I was nowhere in this conversation because I was too busy trying to keep myself from falling over off my chair from laughing too damn hard - and trust me, the conversation was that hilarious. Even Amanda, Lisa and Carrie were all laughing while talking. As I said, it was one of the things that you just had to be there to see. But that's not all, see this is just one of the many things that were discussed at lunch today. Believe me, we have dirtier minds than that. It's gets really interesting during that particular time of day.

But the people I hang with are cool. Lisa and Amanda hang out with each other a lot, before and after school - mainly because I believe Amanda drives Lisa home or something like that. But Amanda's fucking cool. She likes Harry Potter, because she is now reading the Order of the Phoenix. Also, she's just too damn funny, and I admire her bluntness and her sense of humor which make my day a lot more enjoyable.

Just a simple note, I am a goddamn mother fucking hippie. I have no shame in admitting that because, hey, at my school we're all just fucking hippies. Even the teachers are crazy hippies in their own way.

So. Yeah. I am a fucking hippie. Deal with it.
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