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Take my love, take my land.

++ First, we officially have a new president in office. I'm filled with so much relief.

++ I've been rather stalled on a lot of things I want to talk about, mostly fandom-related but just anything in general. My motivation of posting kind of halted for a bit due to not being in the right mental state for it, though I often have this problem with attempting to write a post and abandoning it because I cannot articulate my thoughts correctly. With that being said, I'm attempting to get back into the swing of things again, and what a better way to do that than with a fandom meme. This is one I've done before in the past and I figured why not start this off with a bang with discussing one of the fandoms I keep coming back to from time to time, Firefly.


Favorite character
River Tam and Inara Serra. I immediately got attached to River, and I'm not entirely sure why. I think I identified with her on some level, and I really enjoyed the mystery surrounding her character and had a yearning to learn more about her. As for Inara, I instantly fell in love with her. I think there's a lot of complexity with her that isn't viewed on the surface, but more tied with her backstory. And over the years Simon Tam has risen to be a favorite, as well. I just find him so endearing, and his dedication to his sister is so admirable, the fact that he would throw away everything from his privileged life to save her and become fugitives is so admirable.

Least favorite character
It's not that I hate her or even mildly despise her, it's just that over the years after many rewatches I find that I just don't favor Kaylee as much as I used to. Much of this is due to how her character was written, particularly the scenes between her and Simon.

5 ships (canon or non-canon)
Mal/Inara, Inara/Kaylee, Inara/Simon, Simon/River

Character I find most attractive
Inara Serra.

Character I would marry
A tie between Simon Tam and Inara Serra.

A character I would be friends with
I think Wash would be super chill be hang out with, same with Book because, while I'm not religious I think he can be great to just have intellectual discussions with because he just has this wise aura about him. Inara is also someone I can see myself being friends with for the same reason, she is calm and offers great advice. Come to think of it, I'm picking characters that are the least likely the be judgmental and will sit and listen while also challenge you if you need it, more so Inara and Book than Wash, who seems to be more of the supporting friend whenever you need him to be. So yeah, I think those are the characters I would jive with the most.

A random thought
I'm always just so fascinated with how the show and the film differ in tone and the way some of the characters are presented. Obviously the shift from the space cowboy aesthetics to ordinary science fiction is the biggest difference (warm orange lighting to cool blue lighting), but there are the smaller things too, like the characterizations are just a little bit off-center. Simon is less socially awkward and shown to be more competent and confident in how he handles things, Mal seemed to not treat Simon and River as part of the crew ("I look out for me and mine, that don't include you unless I conjure it does.") when in the show it was obvious that they were ("But you don't even like me, why'd you come back?" / "You're on my crew. Why are we still talking about this?") I know that the film was an entirely different entity and it had to both reestablished these characters and the world and to kind of give an impression that time has gone passed since when the series ended, but still. It's just interesting.

An unpopular opinion
Firefly is fine with having only one season. It doesn't need a "second season" or any kind of reboot. I was initially among those who had the whole "bring it back" mentality during the earlier years after it was unjustly cancelled before its time, but I have since made my peace with that. Besides, it has got to live on in more ways after its cancellation. It has a movie, which was a damn miracle in itself during that time, it has graphic novels, merchandising, etc. This is more than what most cancelled shows ever get. So yeah, it's better off left as it is.

(If there is a possibility of there being a reboot, as there has been rumors about this for years now, I do think there is a way of correcting some of the issues the original series had, but I'm not holding my breath nor do I want it if there isn't going to expand on the already established world and bring something new to the table.)

My canon OTP
Aside from Wash/Zoe, because they are adorable, I would have to say Mal/Inara. I know that the writing of them in the show itself wasn't entirely the best, but the push/pull nature of their relationship is still fascinating to me, and they do have chemistry, it just needed to be written better within the show.

My non-canon OTP
I've come to really adore Inara/Simon over the years. I feel like they have a lot in common, being from the core planets, and they have an understanding of how that part of the 'verse works and operates. They've both helped the crew with constructing their own schemes ("Ariel" and "Trash") which shows them using their intellectual skills to be criminal masterminds when need be.

Most badass character
This is really difficult, because again the term can mean a variety of things. Every character is badass in their own way, even if they aren't the most physically strong or active during battle, so I don't want to judge entirely on that alone. With that being said, I do think River is badass because she has a lot going on inside her head, much of it she cannot decipher because of how the Alliance fucked up her brain, but despite all of that she manages and we see in the film Serenity she is not above making sacrifices and being selfless for those she cares about.

Most epic villain
I think the overall presence of the Alliance is definitely the biggest villain in that universe, but when it comes to individual characters the Hands Of Blue comes to mind. Their presence was probably the most sinister in the series, quite unnerving in the way they were introduced, especially in the episode "Ariel". I quite liked the bounty hunter Jubal Early in the series finale and, of course, the Operative in Serenity, both which have similar tasks on bringing River back to the Alliance, and both having quite unique personalities and characteristics that I found interesting. Since it really goes to show the kinds of people the Alliance trains and employs, from a sociopath to someone so devout in his belief in a bigger cause that he doesn't question anything and will do whatever it takes to complete his mission.

Pairing I am not a fan of
Simon/Kaylee. I used to like them early on, but over the years I've grown less fond of them to the point where I just don't care about the pairing anymore. And like I said above, most of this is due to the writing of the two. I get the whole "will they/won't they" thing, because it's done with Mal/Inara too, but at least it's understandable given Mal and Inara's entire dynamic with each other. But Simon and Kaylee, I don't know, they really have nothing in common with one another aside from possible attraction? And I just don't like how they're written with each other, particularly Kaylee because she often has this immature attitude whenever Simon says something kind of dumb but mostly harmless. Listen, he's socially awkward and doesn't quite know the right thing to say sometimes, but you shouldn't be get all passive aggressive and leave in a huff over it. It could very well have been a character flaw she had that could have been explored and fleshed out if the show had continued on longer, but as it stands I'm just rather annoyed any time she would misunderstand Simon's attempt at using his words and give him the cold shoulder as if to punish him for not telling her exactly what she wants to hear.

It's one thing to have communication problems with characters, it's another when the communication problems aren't the focus of the issues regarding the relationship (ex: Mal and Inara, always dancing around each other, not talking about their feelings, that is the basis of their dynamic so it makes sense, less so with Kaylee and Simon who seem to communicate just find sometimes but when Simon says something kind of awkward Kaylee just acts like she was mortally wounded and is just cold to him for the duration of the episode, but then in the next episodes they're find again, so there was a little bit of inconsistency there that I just don't like).

For more rarepairings, I never understood Jayne/River or even Mal/River. I've always viewed them as merely being platonic and don't see where people get the shipping aspects from, but that's just me. If you see the dynamic there, that's great, I just don't.

Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another)
Well, the series didn't last long enough for them to screw up any character, thankfully. I know some people think that if the show had gotten that second season Inara's character would've been royally screwed up thanks to what was revealed on what they were planning on doing with her, and while I don't necessarily think it would've been approved or gone in that direction had they gotten a second season, hypothetically if it had I would definitely agree that it would've screwed over her character.

In what has happened in canon though, I don't think much has screwed over any character aside from Wash and Book's deaths in Serenity, which I understand why it needed to be done in terms of storytelling but at the same time I felt like we needed more time with their characters, particularly with Book who had a lot of potential with his character's backstory.

Favorite friendship
I really love a lot of dynamics within the crew, obviously the friendship between Kaylee and Inara is adorable. But I think the unexpected friendship dynamic I found myself liking was Jayne and Book. There are quite a handful of scenes with them just hanging out, whether it's working out together or talking while Jayne is cleaning his weapons. It's something I wished we'd gotten to see more of.

Character I most identify with
River Tam.

Character I wish I could be
God, Inara. Everything about her, the way she carries herself, the way she talks in a diplomatic manner, she's kind of the mediator of the crew and with good reason with her training, and also her wardrobe.

I plan on doing this meme again with other science fiction shows, such as The Expanse and Battlestar Galactica, and perhaps possibly The Untamed since that is one of my major fandoms at the moment. I'm probably not going to do all of my fandoms, because while that would definitely be a challenge it would also be a lot. I'm mostly just going to be doing them for ones that I have a lot of thoughts and opinions on.
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Recent Posts from This Journal

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