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Word of Honor

Word of Honor is a Chinese drama adapted from the BL novel Faraway Wanderers by Priest, which tells the story of two soulmates, Zhou Zishu (the former leader of a secret assassin group) and Wen Kexing (the current leader of a group of persecuted murderers), who cross paths just as a mysterious yet elaborate political plot is unfolding that may be connected to them.

I absolutely adore this drama so much, it's been my happy place for some months now. It's what I've been retreating to lately to get my daily dose of serotonin. How can I not love a story that primarily focuses on two dangerous idiots, both who are haunted by the ghosts of their pasts and have their own personal demons to face, who fall in love and accidentally create a found family? Yes, it has its angst and heartbreaking moments, but it's what makes it so beautiful, imho.

Word of Honor knew what it was doing when it was adapting this story, since it mostly focuses on our two main leads and their chemistry with each other, as it spent pretty much for first half of the drama with shameless flirting and having the characters, Zhou Zishu in particular, to warm up to the other. Also due to budget limitations and time constraints, it does prioritize more on these little character moments than the actual plot, which explains why it seemed a bit rushed towards the end with the last several episodes. But while it does have its flaws, directions of the story that I wished had been executed a bit better if they had more time, particularly towards the end, or getting to know the other characters with more detail or even more flashbacks to further explain the plottier aspects, Word of Honor did the best it could with what time they had and whatever it lacked in those areas it made up for with everything else. It has these imperfections, but I think that's part of its charm, in my opinion. Yes, I wished they had gotten more episodes to extend and pace things out a bit more, give us more background into certain characters since outside of the main leads the supporting cast did an excellent job that I was intrigued by what they brought to their characters and wanted more time with them, but overall I loved what we got regardless and you can tell the cast give it their all and had a blast (even more so with the live concert they did). You can really tell that this show was made with love by everyone involved and sometimes that's all you need, restrictions and limitations be damned.

It is available to watch on Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and Viki. They also filmed a "special" epilogue that is only available through paywall which places like Netflix and Amazon weren't able to get the rights to, however fans have found ways of sharing it to those who aren't able to access it. In conclusion, Word of Honor is definitely among my favorite discoveries of this year. ❤
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