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You can always count on me, and I can count on you....

++ The trailer for the second season of The Baby-Sitters Club was released recently, and it looks amazing. This is such an adorable feel-good kind of show, the young cast delightful, and I'm curious to see what this season brings. I'm also pleased that they did an updated version of the 90s BSC television theme "Say Hello To Your Friends" in the trailer! That was such a pleasant surprise.

Speaking of, I wasn't aware of this until just recently, but a few months back there was an interview with the actress who played Claudia in the 90s show with the current young actress portraying Claudia in the Netflix series, where they interview one another and talk about the character! That was so sweet, and it really brought up a whole lot of nostalgia for me because nobody really talks about the older 90s television series. It's only the movie that is constantly brought up, which that one was good as well, but the 90s show is often overlooked and I liked that we got to revisit that a little bit with this interview.

++ I'm currently watching Douluo Continent, which stars Xiao Zhan (Wei Wuxian from The Untamed), because I was curious about it when it was being promoted and went in knowing nothing about it and, even a few episodes in, still not knowing what is going on. Which is, y'know, on par with watching any cdrama that you're unfamiliar of what the story might be. I know that the drama ends abruptly and that there is actually a donghua that has some seasons already and explains a lot more, so, idk, but I'm actually having fun being confused at the moment? Sometimes it's more enjoyable if you're just along for the ride, and I'm kind of like this with this drama for now. At least I'm not bored and am actually intrigued on where it may be heading, which isn't always the case for some cdramas I attempt to watch for certain actors. Sometimes a premise sounds interesting, but the execution doesn't grab me. This one is holding my attention, so far. Xiao Zhan's character is adorable, as is the main female lead.

++ It seems that the upcoming New York Comic-Con event is going to be releasing a trailer for the final season of The Expanse, which I expected but at the same time not ready. Part of me doesn't want this show to be over, however the other part of me knows that it's time and I'm excited.
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