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With great power....

I don't think I really talked about Jessica Jones here, at least aside from the first season. I've been really missing the show and I've thought back to its three seasons and something has been kind of on my mind lately, something that I'm sure is quite an unpopular opinion among the fandom.

I actually really liked the direction they took with Trish's character, especially when it came to her and Jessica's friendship, or rather the falling out of that friendship. I just loved the tragedy of it all.

I know a lot of fans weren't happy with the way things went, which in a way I can understand especially after season one where it seemed like they had a strong bond that was reconnecting with each other again and it broke apart in the second season, however I think it really enriched Trish's character to have such an interesting and devastating downfall, since it really makes sense when you think about her backstory, the lack of control she's had in her life, and needing to feel powerful and help others in saving the world, so her obsession and downward spiral makes sense in that context. It adds more weight when you see how she views Jessica, because regardless of that friendship that was formed she did put her up on this pedestal and has pushed her, repeatedly, to do something with her powers that she views as a gift because, in her mind, she cannot fathom not doing some good if she had powers. That fight they had towards the end of the second season really emphasized that when she outright tells Jessica, quite harshly, the way she feels. She regretted saying after the fact, but the damage was already done and that is how she truly feels, deep down.

In my opinion, the rift between Jessica and Trish was bound to happen. It was just inevitable. I also believe that there would've been a proper reconciliation between them and redemption for Trish had the show been allowed to continue, but unfortunately the whole streaming wars and Disney ownership nonsense prevented that from happening by cancelling the show (and the other Netflix Marvel shows, because we can't have nice things).

One of the themes of Jessica Jones is about trauma, and survivors often deal with their trauma in different ways, and not all of them are pretty. Oftentimes it is ugly and destructive, and Jessica herself is a prime example of a survivor who doesn't behave in the conventional way most think survivors should behave. Sometimes you have to hit that rock bottom before you pull yourself out from that destructive path that you believed was the only way of coping, and Trish definitely hit that when she went down her path during seasons two and three. If there had been a fourth season, I think we would've seen her come out from that dark hole that she was in and start anew, similar to how Jessica has been throughout the entire series, since they are two sides of the same coin in that sense when it comes to how they deal with their own individual traumas.

I view Trish's story as an unfortunate tragedy, which I think is why I loved it so much. I can understand why some people were frustrated because they wanted Jessica and Trish to become stronger in their bond and team-up and all of that, and I do kind of blame the extended hiatus time between seasons one and two (and between two and three) because it kind of allowed these particular fan theories and headcanons to flourish in the fandom, but at the end of the day that's not what this show was set out to be. I do think the show could have presented things a little bit better, but overall I'm pleased with how things were done to show the downfall and tragedy of Trish Walker. I only wish that there was another season to see that comeback, to see her pick herself back up from hitting that rock bottom and to patch things up and make amends. Because while the show is not a happy one, it's not without optimism.
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