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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Space Cowboy Shiny!: This evening I witnessed an official television AD promoting the Serenity DVD on the Sci-Fi Channel, something similar to this DVD trailer, but not entirely like that. Shiny! Oh, and the official Serenity movie website has relaunched a whole new makeover, LLAMA STYLE!! Still not pleased with the coverart, and the Land of the Dead Reaver planet attack with the unidentifiable lazer-fight is definitely not a Browncoat pleaser, but like what Joss said, "It's what's inside that counts." So, cannot wait until December 20th for the DVD! Although I'm hoping overseas people get a better coverart than us here in the States. Perhaps they could provide the ones they're getting and send them to us? I'm hoping theirs consists of either the German poster of the Australian poster. Still, it's the DVD of shiny this year!

+ 'Tis The Season of Shiny: Finished all the Christmas shopping! Gift-wrapping is still going through as well as card-sending out and the finishing touches on sending relatives and friends their share before Christmas arrives. Which is just right behind the corner, so very quickly 2005 has gone by!

+ Special Announcement Shiny!: Wishing the beautiful and lovely taradiane a happy birthday! May your special day be filled with plenty of H/D fluff and porn. ;D Cheers, sweetie! ♥
Tags: fandom, rl on the dl
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