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House M.D.: "Deception" Episode Review

The Medical Case: Lie Once, Lie Twice, Get Treated By House And Lie Again

Something about this medical case was missing, perhaps it's the fact that House had no free reign in deciding what was to be happening to the medical patient. I liked his communication skills with the woman though, and even though Cameron and Foreman were "substituting" for House's job she wanted House to be there. In the beginning you see both House and the patient having a casual conversation before going into a seizure, and afterwards they had another conversation in the hospital room -- with her filling out the standardized forms and him doing a crossword puzzle -- and she liked his company.

But of course, she was looking for attention from doctors all along. But unlike most patients, they had that same level on communication, until he caught her lying and had to be rough with her even though she refused to listen in the end. By then, she continued her streak of deceiving doctors just to gain attention. Intervention is too much of a loss for her, huh?

Cameron pretending to be House by acting ruthless to the patient? Sorry honey, you didn't sound anything like how House handles things, you just sounded like a total bitch. Foreman wasn't any better either.

Snarking Up The Smackdown: House Versus Foreman

While I dislike the choice for Foreman, of all people, to be official supervisor and temporary "boss" over House's actions in that hospital, I have to admit it's quite amusing watching the verbal snarking competition between Foreman and House. In the end though, House definitely without a doubt. Foreman has that authority-figure down, and would make an excellent supervisor in another corporation, but he likes the order of things and following the rules; House hears the rules and regulations being told, however finds loopholes around them, because he knows there are alternative ways of dealing with certain things. Which is why I would prefer House over Foreman's way of handling things.

Though House never likes to believe he's wrong, which is a character flaw (in his many character flaws), but at least he tries to care and do whatever it takes to solve the problem. The medical patients are the puzzle and he's trying to figure them out, solving that puzzle to make the healthy and better.

Bah. I just like House better than anyone else there, okay? Is that a crime?

And to answer Cameron's question: she's an excellent doctor, however her leadership qualities aren't always there. Her deceiving and manipulating House into going out on a date with her, being overly sensitive with patients by getting too close to them and their personal problems, and the ultimate ice breaker sleeping with Chase after a drunken/high night (and that destroyed his credibility of being supervisor, as well). And Cuddy couldn't possibly have Wilson in charge, even though I wished he was, because he is House's best friend. So I understand the need for Foreman to be watching over House --- though going to Wilson for advice on how to get them working side-by-side without cooperation is like asking someone how to get close to Paris Hilton without catching a STD (okay, horrible analogy, but you get the point).

I liked drunk!Cameron better than bitchy!Cameron. Drunk!Cameron was so much fun; bitchy!Cameron is just, well, a total bitch. BAD CAMERON, NO COOKIE FOR YOU!

Foreman over Cameron; Wilson over Foreman; Chase and Cuddy are too pretty to be caught in the middle of the competition, and House rules over everybody, so that argument is moot.

Pretty Shinys!


House singing!! I think this ties in the piano-playing he does in the first season. :D

The motorcycle!

The patient with the "Jelly Jar" was too hilarious for words!! OMG, too funny! Her expression was freaking priceless! XD


House tricking Deception Woman Patient. Shiny and so very House. Tricksey that Gregory House, very tricksey. ;)

CUDDY!! And no Awkward!Stacy moments. Cuddy being all sly with offering Foreman the job, then reconsidering that when realizing how House is often lucky and right. (Just to note, Cuddy won't replace House with Foreman; she knows House only too well for that to happen. Having Foreman boss would be a mistake, and that little speech he gave in the end? True, but not so true. I just wanted to punch him. But that's just me.) Cuddy still trusts House. Plain and simple.

House and Horse Racing!

House watching Monster Trucks!! Whee!!

House saying that Foreman's "his bitch". HEE!!

House playing a card game on the computer (which I was informed is the entire cast's favorite game, and were all banned from playing it.) So, yay for that!

The Rosa Parks mentioning in Foreman's speech, tributing to the unfortunate loss of one of a famous activist of America's history that had recently deceased. :)

Wilson love!!

Overall: I genuiniely liked this episode. House snarking was lovely, Foreman playing boss was amusing though nothing like House -- because, dude, once the three weeks are over he is SO very fired -- loathing the bitchiness of Cameron, Chase being all pretty and quiet most of the time (I swear, he's hoping this competition ends soon), Cuddy also being pretty, and House just being....House. Hee! Much love, and a very Christmas-y episode. Which I like. The snow, baby! The snow!

No new episode next week. Boo. Holiday Hiatus, I guess.
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