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Inside the Criminal Mind

My thoughts and short little review of this evening's Criminal Minds episode, so spoilers abound. Disturbing and twisted it is, and that is why I adore it so. Plus, Mandy Patinkin, A.J. Cook and CuteBoy!God!

Like most of the storylines of each episode, they all consist with the most genuinely creepifying scenarios -- of course, being an elite group of profilers they are chosen to solve the puzzling mysteries and cases of the most dangerous psychopaths. This episode is no different, and it was definitely a good one at that.

The murderer Eddy Mays, portrayed by Kris Lemche who also played CuteBoy!God in Joan of Arcadia, was mentally ill and somewhat convinced delusionally that he had to give an "angel" back to whomever was talking to him inside his head; using religious mythologies to solve the how and why he was committing these crimes, you kinda feel sorry for the guy. His mother (who, might I add, played Maggie Walsh in S4 of BtVS) hardly paid attention or helped him during his time in the mental instituion he was committed to -- and yet tried to help/coverup for him after she realized he came back and was killing people in their town? Deadbeat mother, that's what she was. Loving and caring she was once, but so humiliated that her son was actually mentally ill that she sent him away and never bothered to contact him while he was there. *shakes head*

Anyway. I liked the case. I also liked that Gideon had to stay behind because he nearly broke his leg while skydiving. Hee! I also liked that Elle had more screentime, because I really like her. At first she reminds me of Juliet Landau and Lisa Thornhill, similarities in facial structures and the eyes, but I really like her character.

Of course, my loffly sister has to like Dr. Spencer Reid. ;p

Overall, very nice episode. Too bad there isn't one until the next year. Hiatus, people. Why do they love to torture us with their Holiday Hiatus? VMars, House, Criminal Minds....ARGH!

Daily Show tonight. And THIS WEEK IN GOD will be the much anticipated segment of this evening! Hee!!

Edit: Poopie, no 'This Week In God'. Perhaps a goof because of schedule changes? Tomorrow perhaps? We'll just see. Still, hilarious half-hour nonetheless. :)
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