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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ GIP SHINY!: Thanks to the lovely LJ crew, they have doubled all free users userpics to 6 userpics instead of the limited three. Of course this is still limiting, considering that paid account users can have 100 userpics, but for free account users like myself this is a huge deal! Gushing over my new pretties, I present one of the GIPs! Hee! So much shiny!

+ Crack!Pairing Shiny: Okay, I've been shamelessly playing around missambs's Multifandom Challenge Generator, as guided from morbidmuse's post of crack!pairings generated from it. And, um, I cannot steer myself away from it. 'Tis that crazy happy kind of insane crack that makes you all warm and fuzzie inside --- and I'm babbling because I just might write drabbles for them. Oh yeah. Too much a happy!crack for the crack!pairings of the multifandoms. Hee!

+ Space Cowboy Shiny!: 5 DAYS UNTIL SERENITY COMES OUT ONTO DVD! Officially released, I mean. I know there's already copies out via New York and other bootlegs. But this is the BIG DAMN MOVIE which DVD sales will possibly help provide for the possible BIG DAMN SEQUEL. Hell, it's already #3 on Amazon's Top Seller list, and that's just from preordering! 5 freaking gorram days left! Definitely and totally shiny, like whoa.

ETA: Another SHINY! Spoilerish picture for the next upcoming House episode found on, which is causing major wankage the community. All I can say is: halleluiah! Would've been better if it were Cuddy, though. Oh well. It's A LOT better than Cameron, in my personal opinion.

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