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Fandomosity: Jossverse (BDM), Amber Benson, Potterverse (Daniel Radcliffe)

-♠- (Sci-Fi) Movie Magic Is Back: Reporter Robert K. Elder from Chicago Tribune has labeled Serenity #10 on his list of movies that "capture the imagination", also wanting Joss Whedon to make another Serenity movie. He also says this about the Big Damn Movie: "The end result is a shocking ... pulse-pounding space thriller that puts a brick on the gas pedal, then dares you to jump out the airlock." How very true this statement is, and we do want that Big Damn Sequel, Joss! We shall ignore and discard the unmentionable and incredibly misleading EW article and just keep on flying with the series, comic books and other franchise, and the BDM in hoping the 'Verse will continue onward.

-♠- "No Power In The 'Verse": Lucky Australianers will receive the Serenity exclusive collector's tin that holds the BDM within. Also, the Region 4 DVD will have more extra features than on the Region 1 DVDs. If only I had an All Region DVD player....Nevertheless, for those here in the U.S. that are displeased with the chosen "Llama" coverart, here's an alternative cover made by a guerilla-flyer artist. Pretty damn shiny, if I do say so myself. :)

-♠- It's Tara-tastic!: New Amber Benson interview at She discusses her current projects and other goodies.

-♠- "I Can Kill You With...My Trusty Pen!" I Can See You: The R. Tam Sessions Story. Ever wondered how the Serenity viral guerilla marketing River Tam Session videos became to be, or the hype surrounding the ever-mysterious first video released? This is a very thorough look back at how it all began, from speculation of the video to the performances of Summer Glau and Joss Whedon in giving Browncoats something to hold onto before the Big Damn Movie had it's September 30th release.

-♠- Gorram Creepifyin' Stuff: Nathan Fillion's new movie, SLITHER, has relaunched its official website, complete with creepifying sound effects and an even more creepifying trailer to boot. I'm definitely seeing this movie. The creepier the better! Then again, I'm that disturbingly odd gal that'll eat while blood and gore is onscreen (hello, CSI anyone?) even when people would suspect I wouldn't like those kinds of stuff, so....yeah.

-♠- "Layers upon layers of acting challenges!": has a clip from Daniel Radcliffe's guest appearance on the BBC comedy series, This Way Up, along with screencaptures. Hilarious little snippet of him. Also! Let's do a little comparison, shall we? Take a look at these screencaptures of Daniel in the skit, and now take a look at Nathan Fillion in this screenshot in the episode "Ariel" of Firefly. Oddly familiar outfits, no? They could be twins! Captain Tightpants and the Boy Who Lived collaborating together to do some thrillin' heroics on an Alliance-based planet, carrying medical supplies! Mal would be stealing crap and Harry would be hitting people with the police sticks, and the Hero of Canton Jayne Cobb would be insulting the other bystanders. Hee! It would be high-larious! I'm sensing a crossover crack!fic waiting to happen. ;D

* And yes, after watching the commentaries on the Firefly DVDs I have come to the conclusion that the crossover nickname of wizards in space would be Spizards (Space Wizards). Because Alan Tudyk said in the commentary on "The Message" with the Jewish postal worker would be called a SpJew --- yes, weirdness has ensued. Bizui. :p
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