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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Gorram Shiny: Serenity comes out onto DVD tomorrow, OMG! And right as of now, Serenity is #1 in DVD sales on Amazon. If that isn't enough to get a Big Damn Sequel I don't know what is. Shiny!

+ Serenity Cover Shiny!: The Australian DVD coverart for Serenity. Gorrammit, they get the cooler DVD cover than we do! Lucky Australians, plus they get an extra featurette that isn't going to be available in the U.S./Canadian DVDs. As many of you Browncoats have noticed, the coverart is a tad more colorful than the actual Australian poster, and River's eyes are still that metallic blue instead of brown, but it's MUCH better than the llama!cover we've got. Simpler, eye-catching and straight to the point. Which I like; definitely shiny!

+ Mother Nature Shiny: Rainy weather. Overcastness. I'm a very happy bunny, so shiny. OMGYAYness! ^_^
Tags: fandom, firefly, serenity
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