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Yay!Movies Spammage

'Brokeback Mountain' tops Oscar bets, and many are saying that it's going to be hard to beat, considering the large amount of good publicity it's receiving lately. It's good to see it in recognition, as it should get.

In other news, I haven't been able to get Serenity yet. Today was obviously "everybody off work" day because the roads were horrendously crowded, with people doing last minute Christmas shopping and all -- plus with the buckets of rain we've been having lately, it'll be easier to buy it tomorrow. But it shall be in my possession soon enough! My mother still needs to see it, as she has promised she would once the DVD comes. So, yay!

I mean, how can you go wrong with River's amazing Slayer!Ballerina-Fu she's got going on? And the Fruity Oaty Bars. And Captain Tightpants! Hee!

Also, cute little Joss Whedon article that comes out in the next addition of TVGuide. Hee! Love that picture of Joss --- him and his evil mastermind of genius ideas. Hee, an iHole and SereniFly, and a CSI musical. Oh Joss, you and your geeker joy of fanboyishness. How I love and bow to thee. And he mentions VMars, too! *huggles too cute Joss*
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