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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Shiny, Shiny, SHINY!: Finally, I now own Serenity, in all its crazy llamafied glory! I have actually watched the entire movie, special features, the deleted scenes (with commentary), and the whole movie with Joss commentary all in one day. Many people would think this is taking my fannish pride of being a Browncoat too another level that is insane, and I must say that those folks are, in fact, correct. Though after hearing some things from Joss's commentary there is one particular thing I'd like to say that I, personally, need to call out to it: the changes of Inara's weapon in the final fight scene. I LOVED the original idea of Inara having a bow and arrow used while fighting the Reavers, and when Joss said that it wasn't sellable and nobody thought it was great, I was genuinely offended. She did have the bow and arrow positioned, however it was digitally removed to be a dartgun. Honestly, I wanted to see Inara do some archery, gorrammit! She would be, like, the Susan Pevensie of the Fireflyverse --- except cooler. Though while watching the movie you wouldn't think twice because her shots were so quick, after hearing Joss say that they deliberately took it out made me so pissed because, dude....Inara + archery = kickass! Hell, she worked the swordsmanship in "Shindig", didn't she? But that's just me, and after seeing that promotional picture of Inara with the bow and arrow, I was totally psyched to see her in action (since her character had less screentime than she did on the actual script). So yeah. That's my personal tiff with it, otherwise PHENOMENAL Big Damn Movie. Aside from that, I adore this precious DVD. And tomorrow, I shall rewatch it again and take notes --- with and without commentary. I like analyzing and noticing the little things, as I have so learned from watching the Firefly commentaries. Yay! Serenity, totally shiny. ♥

+ Mother Nature Shiny: It's been raining non-stop for the past several days now. And if the weather reports are accurate they say it'll be storming on Christmas Day, which I am totally and utterly thankful for. So that's very shiny. Yay, more rain!

+ Seasonal Shiny: Finished wrapping presents! Finished finalizing cards and the like, FINALLY FINISHED! Procrastination on writing holiday cards shouldn't be difficult, seeing that they are cards and all, not a lengthy letter. But a single sentence says a lot about who is sending it, as I have learned. It's harder to say something that'll put a smile on someone's face. Very difficult. And I am very rambly tonight because, OMG!Serenity is here! But yes, card writing = difficult...if you're me and want to be very articulate in the message you're writing. So. Yay! Shiny.

ETA: To double the shiny, lovely GIP of adorable Summer Glau. 'Cause, well, the CUTE! *loves her glee!smile, like whoa*
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